4 Different Stands

  1. Flex Folio
  2. Snap Stand
  3. Snap VESA Adapter
  4. Stand Holder
When opening FlipGo for the first time, refer to the video to understand the magnetic positions on FlipGo as demonstrated. This will prepare you for the use of the following three stands.

Flex Folio

  1. Adjust the installation angle of Flex Folio based on the video to accommodate different usage scenarios. Attach the blue logo to the corresponding blue logo, and the red logo to the corresponding red logo. This will make the whole process simpler.
    1. Low angle is suitable for the touchscreen version of FlipGo,
    2. High angle is ideal for office use.
    3. Snap FlipGo onto Flex Folio to complete the installation.

    Snap Stand

    1. Adjust the Snap Stand to the appropriate height and angle.
    2. Snap FlipGo onto Snap Stand to complete the installation.
    Note:The snap stand only supports a small rotation in the vertical direction, and does not support 360° rotation in the horizontal direction, so please do not force the interface to rotate.

    Snap VESA Adapter

    1. Install the Snap VESA Adapter onto your VESA monitor mount using the provided screws.
    2. Adjust the height and position of the entire VESA monitor mount
    3. Snap FlipGo onto Snap VESA Adapter to complete the installation.

    Stand Holder