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ModCase for Steam Deck PC0104
Thiago Martins Amaral
Amazing case

Amazing case I recommend it

Great upgrade

I previously had the other JSAUX carrying case and this upgrade is 100% better, more room for accessories and other items. I recommend this for all your Steam Deck needs.

Love it!

Love the backplate also the new back buttons <3

ModCase for Steam Deck PC0104

Must have for steamdeck

The only 360 protection you need, with a bunch of accessories. Not to mention the free 3D print mounts. Gear yours today now!

The most protective and versatile case on the market!

ModCase for Steam Deck PC0104

ModCase for Steam Deck PC0104

Best costumer care ever!

I bought the first protective stand a while ago and it’s great, recently they sent me this upgraded one as a gift! And it’s even better than the first one.. they have the best customer care and support, and they really care about their products.. support companies like theses with good quality products and good prices because they need our support. And what is really unique in their case is the valve logo from behind is shown and not hidden and this is a great point for them. I highly recommend them.

Confused on how nice it is

I bought this case thinking it would be okish. I just got it in and it's amazing. I disliked the slipperyness of the deck and this case adds actual grip. I got big hands, so for me the deck is now more comfortable to use. The screen cover slips on nicely and sort of clicks into place. It all looks super polished. I'm really surprised on how they were able to make this for this price. The cover has a nice soft inside to protect the screen so it's not against a harder plastic. The build in stand works nicely too. It's all just great. And for that price it's spectacular.

45 días para recibir el producto

No e recibido mi pedido que pedí hace un mes y en estos momento me aparece que el producto está en china, creo que ya debería estar en mis manos para haber pasado un mes de haberlo pedido, el servicio de paquetería local en mi ciudad tarda de 5 a 7 días en entregármelo a partir de haberlo recibido, así que creo que esperaré 15 días más para tenerlo


La carcasa modular es una idea increíble. Puedes combinarla con docks, powerbank, pero para mí lo más increíble es el cooler kit, funciona de forma impecable y mantiene a raya la temperatura de nuestra querida Steam Deck. Ya solo me falta complementarla con la carcasa transparente con la lámina térmica y perfecta.
El hecho de poder poner la tapa rígida y así no tener que llevar también el maletín de transporte es una ventaja.

Love the purple backplate!

I originally ordered the original backplate, but they were out of stock. Luckily I was given the option to change my color before it shipped. I chose the purple backplate and it looks great!. The backplate is almost and exact fitment to the original. You will get a slight bulge from the thermal compound that's added to it. Also by the r1 button there is a slight edge that sticks out. But all In all, the purple backplate looks beautiful. Can't wait to buy the ultimate mod case to go with it!

Snapped my Sd card

The back plate looks great fits perfect and is strong enough to snap your SD card in half.
Really wish there was a warning in the packaging about that. Instead they warn you to use useless finger gloves. :(

Wow! Buy it NOW.

Man, wow, i am in awe. Not only is the fit, finish, and the kit itself all superb, but I can play hogwarts legacy on medium graphics settings now at 30FPS. i tried it before installing this backplate and i kept dipping into the 20fps range. I’m thoroughly impressed to say the least.

Good the second try!

Ordered this mod with the hub, the case works well protecting the devices and make the joypad not moving, the first dock works with some issue but after reaching the support they send me a replacement that works very well.

Very pleased, I suggest this product!

ModCase for Steam Deck PC0104
Juan Manuel Garcia Alvarez
Esta muy bien

He probado la carcasa durante unos días. Y estupenda rígida y cómoda.
Un acierto.

Actually gives a performance boost!

I wouldn't say that it's a night and day difference after installing this backplate, but I will note somewhere between 5%-10% performance gains after installing the new backplate with the aluminum heatsink. The tradeoff of course is you now have a scorching hot spot on the backplate, so don't let your fingers wander too far! My only other nitpick about this backplate is that the edge of the backplate where the bumpers are has a rather sharp edge, so if your finger gets caught on it, it's a little painful. Can mitigate this by a bit of gentle sanding, but purely optional.

Best case that's the same width and length as the original Steam Valve Deck case except it's so much more practical. Plenty of room for most accessories except the fan kit that came with the modcase. It's very protective and plenty of room for the modcase and backplate larger buttons to be held in the case. The only issue is the lack of room for the UK charger plug if not placed precisely inside it will force the case creating a bulge. An extra inch in depth would make it the perfect case for the fan kit and charger. Those are minor issues in the design but it's by far the best sized carry case especially for the price.

Not Displaying on TV

Received the hub brand new, opened it up right out of the box and connected it to the tv with the steam deck. The display just doesn't work at all and it seems like other people are facing this issue. The hub displays perfectly only when the charging cable is not connected or switched off from the hub, so I don't really stay that long on the tv since I have to recharge the battery, I basically can't charge and hook the steam deck to the tv.
However the Modcase and the travel cover are both amazing with really good build quality I am happy with those.
Refunding is a big long messy process unfortunately and I don't think I'll go through that.

Good Look

Had to adjust the buttons a little to get them to click but looks great. DONT forget to remove your SD before starting

I can see clearly now the plate is gone.

Man this backplate is super cool allowing others to see the internals of the steam deck and cooling the unit slightly better than the Valve cover. The part that has the thermal pad does get a bit toasty but keeps the soc cool. I just whish I knew that colors were coming out I would have gotten one of those. I'm still happy with this OG transparent back plate.

Great Product

It's a great product. The case provided is sturdy and the kick-stand is on onother level. This is the perfect case if you're looking for slimmer way to bring your steam deck with you. I never saw anything like what Jsaux is offering in other brands. And the free shipping is a plus specially there's not much choices here in the UAE when it comes to steam deck accessories, aside from being expensive , the quality is incomparable with Jsaux.

The cooling fan, sure it does what it's supposed to do. Cooling my steam deck from 10-12°c lower (still not on maximum rpm) compared to when there's no fan. Though you can install the plugin (fantastic) and run steamdeck's fan at a maximum rpm. However, with Jsaux cooling fan, the steam deck will run less stressfull and consume less power. It will consume less power because the cooling fan has its own battery and can lasts upto 6hrs of usage. Not to mention those free accessories like 90° usb c adapter, usb c cable and rubber dock.

The items is well packed. You don't have to worry about it being damaged all the way from china to your country. Just be patient on delivery time and accept the fact that it is travelling overseas. A lot of things can happen on the process which we cannot controll. My items came after 17days which is understable and fast enough for me.

Looking forward on purchasing again with you guys. I'm still trying to convince myself to get the clear backplate and m.2 dock in the future. You've been doing a great job for the community, and we truly appreciate it.

Лучше чем kill switch!

Отличный чехол для вашего Steam deck'а
Доставка в Израиль за 12 дней!
Очень быстро и качественно упаковано, сразу в два пакета пупырки :3
Устанавливается очень легко и сам по себе он хорошо сделан.
Так-же аксессуары к нему идут замечательные, и да, за ту же цену что и у Kill switch вы получаете ещё и док-станцию.
Я нашёл только одну проблему, для тек кто хочет как и я поставить ещё систему deck mate!
Рамка док-станцию слишком узкая и deckmate не прилегает полностью!
Я бы рекомендовал выпилить эти несколько миллиметров и тогда он сядет как влитой.
См фото
Даже так, если вы как и я планируете прикрепить на это место ssd, то с этим навряд ли будут проблему, со стороны оно не заметно.

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