4K@60Hz HDMI 2.0 Flat Cable

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Why JSAUX Flat 4K@60Hz HDMI 2.0 Cable?

  • Standard HDMI 2.0 Cable: 4K@60Hz, 3D effect, 18Gbps, 32 audio channels, give you the ultimate audiovisual experience
  • Ultra slim flat design make the HDMI Cable more flexible and easily to store
  • Ttriple shielded cables anti-interference
  • 24K Gold-plated connectors against corrosion
  • Ultra-durable material
  • Nylon braided
  • Aluminum casing
  • Perfect length
  • Universal Compatibility (Apple TV, Fire TV, PS4/PS3, CD/DVD/Blu-ray players, PC, etc.)

Why HDMI 2.0 instead of HDMI 1.4 or other versions?

  • 3D Effect: Stereo picture quality, as if immersive
  • 4K@60Hz: Support resolutions up to to 3840 * 2160 at 60Hz, 4times of 1080p, and HDMI 1.4 only supports 4K@30Hz
  • 18Gbps Bandwidth: High speed transfer speed, transmit video and audio at lightning speed without waiting for buffering, HDMI 1.4 only supports 10.2Gbps
  • 32 Audio Channel: Enjoy an immersive, multi-dimensional audio experience, HDMI 1.4 only supports 8 audio channel
  • 1536KHz Audio Sample Rate: Provides the highest audio fidelity
  • Synchronous Transmission-Video : dual video streaming, allowing different users to watch different videos on the same screen
  • Synchronous Transmission-Audio: Multiple audio streams to multiple users (up to 4)
  • Supports Wide-Angle movie: Providing a new experience of 21: 9 aspect ratio in wide-angle cinema

JSAUX HDMI 2.0 Cable is perfectly backward compatible with HDMI 1.4 and previous versions

- Give You More Possibilities

  • Mirror Mode: The two screens display the same picture, good helper for meetings
  • Extended Mode: Multi-task split screen operation, one work, one entertainment, to solve your different needs
  • Game Mode: Connect game devices such as PS3/PS4 to TV, large screen in the living room to experience the real thrill of gaming

Why Choose Braided Nylon Flat HDMI Cables?

  • JSAUX innovative flat braided HDMI cable conforms to the exquisite concept of life and is designed to improve the user experience.
  • It can be attached to the floor and wall for hiding without becoming tangled or tangled.
  • This saves 50% space compared to a round HDMI cable and makes your whole environment neat and beautiful.
  • Never worry about tripping over pets or children at home.
  • The braided protective layer made of military nylon is flexible and durable and withstands 15,000 bending tests for your long-term use.

Plug and Play

No adapters needed, stable transmission, with Aluminum Casing and Anti-Slip design increase the durability of the HDMI Cable

Strong Anti-interference

Triple Shielded Cables prevent from interference,24KGold –plated Connectors protects against corrosion, ensure maximizes signal quality

Velcro Design

You can shorten the cable to any length you want with the Velcro, and organize it to a portable size that can put in your handbag or backpack



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