About Us

Connect More, Power More

JSAUX is an electronics accessories supplier delivering power, data transit, audio/video connectivity and productivity solutions to the market.

What We Do?

In pursuit of competitive edge in the industry, JSAUX persists in independent R&D, complete supply chain management and dedicated customer service. In other words, JSAUX in-house team is in charge of dealing with everything, R&D, manufacturing, marketing, advertising, selling and customer supporting.


Distributed via cross-border ecommerce to more than 100 countries.


Over 20 million unique customers since our inception in 2016.


Listed in 2019 Amazon Global Selling Top 100 Chinese cross-border brands.


Has annual sales revenue of more than 70 million dollars.

We're Connecting People.

The deeper meaning of the tagline "Connect More"goes beyond connecting electronics with power —we’re connecting people.That means designing experiences that work with their needs.Inspired by deep empathy for the need of customers, we design and manufacture products to respond to consumer preferences and demand.

Power Your Digital Life.

We offer a complete line of electronic accessories with functional value, ergonomic value and aesthetic value in mind. We value the appearance and performance of products with the same emphasis.

Virtous Cycle

Cut production Coststo Fund Research and Innovation.

We not only to develop these technologies to meet consumer preferences but also improve production technology to reduce the production costs.

The improvement of product technology makes the whole process more efficient and more possibility to lessen mistake and errors. Solid product quality leads to more happy customers.

The money saved by simplifying and upgrading the manufacturing process will help bolster spending on research and development.

During the whole cycle, it created more values for JSAUX’s business then enabled high-quality and affordable products to our customers.