ModCase for Steam Deck

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Customer Reviews

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Alfredo Santana
Casi perfecta

Un ModCase con mucho potencial, me agrada bastante el poder colocar accesorios en la parte trasera, sería genial que viniera un adaptador de adhesivo con el ModCase (también agradezco el que trae cinturón), le he instalado un HUB muy pequeño con HDMI + VGA y USB que me es de mucha utilidad en mis viajes.
También estaría genial que el Bracket Metálico permitiera mayores ángulos de inclinación.
El case para el dock, estaría genial (si existiera) que mandaran el case para el dock de JSAUX, ya que muchos contamos con este.

Daniel Turner
Good shit

Works as intended

Cool case and great fan

Perfect case to protect your Steam Deck and an awesome fan that's useful specially on tropical countries.

Andrew Lochelt
Phenomenal Product

As well as what the others reviews say, this case is essentially perfect in how it fits as well as what it does. Even with a modified back case and a custom skin, the deck is still able to squeeze into the modcase with only a tiny bit (millimeters) of stretch in the power button area. This is satisfactory as it still completely covers everything it needs to. I highly recommend purchasing the cooling fan addition. It has legitimately become a permanent accessory to the Deck, and combined with the cooling pad backplate, brings down the heat of the deck a very substantial amount! The case also protects you hands from the heat of the back plate that many Deck owners complain about. The Mod Case only slightly thickens the Deck grip area enough to feel better in the hands while holding. The added weight feels only slight to modest at best, I like the additional heft because it makes the Deck not feel so cheap and flimsy, but stable and comfortable. Most importantly, it fits beautifully into the jsaux dock. I honestly could not be more satisfied

Karen Monroy
Excelente, adaptable y versatil

La mejor case to Steam Deck, muy adaptable y versátil