DD0009 & DD0010

180° USB-C to C & A Adapter Set

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This USB C to USB Adapter with an innovative180 degrees U shape design, is much more comfortable for playing games when you lie on bed while charging.

USB-C to USB-C Video Transmission




Suitable For Different Scenarios

Enter the Steam game platform: Settings - Controller - GENERAL CONTROLLER SETTINGS

Check: Gulde Button Focuses steam & PlayStation Configuration support & xbox Configuration Support &

Switch Configuration Support & Use Nintendo Button Layout & Combine Pairs of Joy-Con Controllers & Generic Gamepad Configuration Support





Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Excellent product

Thank you jsaux! You are the best!

Way better than competitor's.

The product is finely designed to be squared but not sharp-edged. It weights literally nothing. Made out from plastic but it's really good. The distance from the usb-c male connector and the usb-c female connector (or usb 3.0 female connector) is 12mm (maybe even a bit more), so you can use it properly even on other devices, like smartphones or tablets. As for Steam Deck, it works superbly, even with JSAUX MOD CASE on. You can use it with no worries even with competitor's protective case, it'll be flawless the same way.

One little "warning" is that if you are about to use this 180° adapter with JSAUX MOD CASE with its metal kickstand installed...well, you just can't do it (look at the pics attached with this review). But, if you are going to use it outdoor, attached to a powerbank on the back of Steam Deck (thanks to MOD CASE which gives you this chance) or a longer cable in order to keep the power bank into your pocket/your bag's pocket, you will not need the kickstand anyway.

This "problem" will still not make this product worth lesser. And if you need something to make you use an adapter AND the metal kickstand of MOD CASE, you can still buy a 90° L-SHAPED adapter (JSAUX sells them, too).

So, I highly recommend those accessories!

Justin Miller
Great Product, Just like the rest of JSAUX stuff.

The 180 degree bend in these allow for a more comfortable experience, either while charging or when using an external USB device such as storage or keyboard. The sense of cord pull now feels like it comes from the bottom of the device instead of the top.

Max Löfgren

Works great. Absolutely what I wanted.


It's super device! Thank you very much!!!