11-in-1 Docking Station

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11-in-1 Docking Station

the first month everything was great, everything worked as it should, but now it is lying idle because when I connect it, the WI-FI signal disappears, it just drops to 0, and sometimes it revives to 1 MB. Without a hub, I have a stable 400 MB WI-FI signal. Maybe my Mac M1 is trying to take the internet from it. Because when connecting the Internet cable (RJ 45), everything is fine. That's why it's a disappointment (and I can't send it in for repair because I'm abroad now. Products are great, but it didn't go without a defect :)

An excellent value option

I got a defective unit at first but got a replacement easily and quickly. The only caveat (from the 3 units that I interacted with) is that the screen goes black for a second randomly every hour or so. But for the price and features offered, this one's IMO unbeatable. Just be aware that you might end up getting a defective unit at first and then get a functional replacement.

Same issue as many

I love the idea of this dock and, as someone else has said, it is amazing until you plug in a HDMI or DP cable. Then the external screen just flickers constantly. Sometimes it goes blank for a couple of seconds.
I tried a USB3.2 cable, as Roland suggested, but that didn't work. Might have been the cable, it was pretty cheap, but having to spend AUD 30-40 on a good quality cable, which may not work, makes this no longer a 'value for money' dock.
Seems okay if the device is running off battery, not mains power. But being able to use it when the device is plugged in, is basically the point of a dock. The only way I've got it to work is by running the power through my powerbank. So wall to powerbank, powerbank to dock, dock to device. This works okay with only a very rare flickers.
But, over-all, a bit disappointed, especially as some other products I have from Jsaux are excellent.

Roland Falconi

To all people who are having issues with hdmi signal stability (or DP), the issue is the inluded cable. Apparently JSAUX didnt verify that their dock is designed to operate at 3.2 USB Speeds or above (supplied cable is usb 3.1). I have tried with various usb 3.2 and USB 4/thunderbolt cables and it works perfectly. JSAUX supply this dock with the correct cable please

Hello friend, thanks a lot for your support of JSAUX products.
We value your comments and helpful suggestions, and we will definitely make optimizations to the enclosed cable.
We attach great importance to the customer's experience, but the optimization process may take time. We look forward to bringing more surprises to our customers in the future.

Pedro Baptista
Very usefull and compact

one of the best docks to have on the go