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Shoulder Bag for Handheld

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Size: BG0105A for Handheld
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Customer Reviews

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Strap could be better.

I am big. The strap is not. Better design would be to have an additional 2-3 inches of padding or a more sticky fabric backing. Adding any weight and the bag will slide around. When this bag shifts the nylon strap is immediately at my neck and is very scratchy. Other than that it is well suited for packing everything you could need to play on the go. 100w power brick, Headphones and cables and and a usbc to hdmi dock, all fit very well. Plenty of space. The internal padding is great. Feels very sturdy. Make some changes to the strap and you have a perfect bag for your device.

Very Compact!

Great bag, good quality material, can essentially carry a portable desktop setup wherever you go! Besides just carrying just a steamdeck I could fit two water bottles in the front pouch. Would highly recommend to anyone who goes out to travel regularly with their steamdeck/rog ally


Shoulder Bag for Handheld

Chadi Chamoun
Arrived damaged

After hearing great things about this bag online, I was excited to have mine arrive in the mail. Unfortunately, it arrived damaged with a tear on one of the pockets towards the front of the bag. Usually stuff like this wouldn't bother me, but for the price of this bag you'd expect it to arrive in perfect condition. Not only that, it got delayed by over a week because of complications with the shipping. I'm VERY disappointed.

Walter Allen
Nice Bag

I'm very pleased overall with the purchase of the Jsaux shoulder bag as it has plenty of space and is well made. My only real wish is that the pockets were designed more with certain products in mind like the fan for the steam deck. The fan doesn't really fit in any of the pockets without it sticking out a little. I bought the bag specifically for the steam deck therefore on one side the deck fits perfectly with the other side being for accessories. The external battery fits nicely in one sleeve but the fan just doesn't seem to have a pocket for it but I managed to get it to somewhat fit. Either way excellent bag and would recommend.