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Shoulder Bag for Handheld

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Size: BG0105A for Handheld
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Przemysław Piechocki
Good product but could be bigger

So far it seems sturdy and made from good enough materials. Nice upgrade over the default case for steam deck which could only hold console, charger, couple of microsd cards and 90 degree adapter. With shoulder bag I can also carry with me everything I need for "decking on the go" (sizeable power bank, 250W charger, couple of different cables, gp0201 fan cooler and more). Overall I'm quite happy with this product but I'd love for it to be a bit bigger, one more zip compartment or extension of existing one so I could also fit small keyboard and mouse, maybe one or 2 8bitdo controllers etc. in. That way it would not only be great for on the go purpose but also facilitate everything for docked needs.

Too small & too expensive

I have nothing to say about the quality of the product. Bag feels sturdy and has lots of pockets, big thumbs up, but its too small. I cannot fit my Rog Ally, Anker 737 charger and Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 (7inch) tablet together. It's enough just for the handheld and its equipments, nothing more. Also price is way expensive than it should be. I understand such a small company should make some money but 50 bucks is way expensive. It should be somewhere around 25-30 bucks then it can be considered. Also for Ally users, buying a Jsaux mod case or a slim protective case like official asus case is a must. Without it, ally jiggles around too much and thumbsticks doesn't goes to required position.

Harvey Tamayo

Very happy with the purchase, and the help of Customer service was Excellent.
When I received the product was all that was expected and maybe more. It has space for the Deck with its JSAUX case, JSAUX accessories, and even other devices.
Buy it if you want to have all your entertainment devices to go

Strap could be better.

I am big. The strap is not. Better design would be to have an additional 2-3 inches of padding or a more sticky fabric backing. Adding any weight and the bag will slide around. When this bag shifts the nylon strap is immediately at my neck and is very scratchy. Other than that it is well suited for packing everything you could need to play on the go. 100w power brick, Headphones and cables and and a usbc to hdmi dock, all fit very well. Plenty of space. The internal padding is great. Feels very sturdy. Make some changes to the strap and you have a perfect bag for your device.

Very Compact!

Great bag, good quality material, can essentially carry a portable desktop setup wherever you go! Besides just carrying just a steamdeck I could fit two water bottles in the front pouch. Would highly recommend to anyone who goes out to travel regularly with their steamdeck/rog ally