Silicone Grip for Steam Deck

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Style: Grey
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Perfect Fit For Steam Deck

JSAUX Silicone Grip Cover is a practical and stylish choice for every gamer, offering protection and comfort for better gaming experiences!

Premium Material & Exceptiona.

TextureCrafted from premium silicone, this cover is durable and provides a comfortable grip.

Unique Detachable Design

This design exposes more of the Steam Deck, thereby improving heat dissipation.

Pairs Well with JSAUX Transparent Shell Series

Its design allows clear airflow through vents. NOTE: PC0106 Series items sold separately.



Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Not quite good enough

I've bought a fair bit of stuff from Jsaux and it's all been great apart from these grips. They're not terrible but they are just a bit too big for the deck meaning they crease and move around when installed. They need to be a bit tighter to offer better grip. The quality of the silicone seems fine but it's also rather thick - which I guess helps with the protection but doesn't add anything asthetically or for comfort.

The colour is pretty meh as well but you can see that from the pic.

Overall this needs to fit better and a choice of colours wouldn't go amiss either.