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A New Version of the ROG Ally’s Transparent Backplate Is Out!

A New Version of the ROG Ally’s Transparent Backplate Is Out!

Hello, dear gamers!

We hope you had an awesome time during Easter. Do you celebrate it? While you were enjoying your time, we’ve been working hard on designing a new product for the ROG Ally - The Transparent Heat Sink Backplate!

This backcover is designed following the same structure of the previous Transparent RGB Backplate, but introducing a new element. A Heat Sink component crafted from high-grade thermal silicone grease and aluminium alloy that minimizes hardware failure risks and enhances heat dissipation.

Good news is, for those of you who already own the Transparent RGB Backplate, you can purchase the Heat Sink plates for $6.99 and use them to upgrade your RGB Case and convert it into a Heat Sink device.

Transparent Heat Sink Backplate ($39.99)

The Transparent Heat Sink Backplate incorporates vents above the ROG Ally’s fans to maintain the device’s ventilation system and incorporates a new high-grade thermal silicone heat sink panel between them to enhance the overall cooling performance.
Remember that changing the components of your handheld device is always a risk. If you’re new to this, consider contacting a professional instead of doing it yourself. You can always follow the RGB Transparent Back Plate PC0110 Installation Tutorial to understand how the whole process works.
Just buy these plates alone if you already own the Transparent RGB Backplate, because you’ll need the transparent case to fit them.

Do you like this improvement? We wanted to keep the case transparent because we’re a team of see-through lovers. Working with technology transforms you into a geek. Were you waiting for another colour or design to come out? Let us know on our social media channels, we like to get inspiration from you.

Have a great day!

The JSAUX team

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