BetterDisplay 2.3.7 Elevates FlipGo's Multi-Screen Productivity and Usability to New Heights

BetterDisplay 2.3.7 Elevates FlipGo's Multi-Screen Productivity and Usability to New Heights

Hey JSAUX Community!

We have some exciting news to share! The latest version of BetterDisplay, 2.3.7, is here, and it brings amazing upgrades to our beloved FlipGo.


What's New?

We’ve collaborated deeply with BetterDisplay to introduce features like display grouping and layout protection, specifically for FlipGo 13.5" and 16" Pro users, and all macOS users. This means you can now adjust different displays with one click and keep their settings consistent.


Fixed Display Arrangements

Mac users know the pain of macOS forgetting display arrangements when connecting external monitors. With BetterDisplay 2, you can force different displays to maintain a fixed arrangement. Thanks to innovative anchor design and algorithms, the transition of your cursor between screens will feel incredibly natural.

DuoViews Mode

FlipGo is the first display to support layout protection in DisplayLink's DuoViews mode. You can enable this with a one-click installation and match different layout protections for various orientations. Whether you’re restarting your Mac or plugging in a new display, FlipGo’s arrangement will always remain consistent.

Flexible Scaling in UltraView Mode

BetterDisplay 2 brings automatic flexible scaling to FlipGo's UltraView mode. After connecting FlipGo via HDMI and USB-C, BetterDisplay guides you through finding the perfect scaling ratio, enhancing your text and code browsing experience.

User-Friendly Integration

You can now see FlipGo’s logo and connection mode directly through the menu bar. Every detail has been optimized to enhance the user experience.

Compatibility with macOS Sequoia

BetterDisplay 2 also ensures compatibility and optimization for macOS Sequoia, providing the best experience for all early adopters.


FlipGo has been widely acclaimed since its Kickstarter launch, winning both the iF Award and the Red Dot Award. It’s dedicated to improving productivity and the overall work experience for professionals across various industries. Our collaboration with BetterDisplay, a leading screen management software provider, continues to bring exciting and practical new features.


Special Offer for Our Supporters

If you backed the FlipGo Pro version on Kickstarter, you can unlock a free lifetime license for BetterDisplay 2. Just email us at official@jsaux.com to get your code.


We’re thrilled to bring these updates to you and look forward to enhancing your FlipGo experience even further. Stay tuned for more updates!




The JSAUX Team


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