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Color and protect your ROG Ally with JSAUX’s new RGB transparent backplate + ModCase

Color and protect your ROG Ally with JSAUX’s new RGB transparent backplate + ModCase

Hello there, fellow gamers!

Halloween is just upon us and we have a special treat for you. Today, we are super happy to announce that our family of ROG Ally’s accessories is getting bigger! Meet the ModCase  and  the RGB transparent backplate, a perfect way to not just protect your device but to also customize it in a unique way. Oh, and this is not the last piece of news: we’re also hosting a Halloween Sale event on our website starting today and until November 1. Now’s the perfect time to grab your gaming gear and upgrade your handheld consoles!

PC0109 ROG Ally ModCase: protect your handheld device at all costs

The ModCase is the perfect tool for those gamers that want to take their ROG Ally to the next level. It not only helps you keep your device as safe as possible, thanks to its protective case, it also lets you add new elements to enhance its performance, be it an additional SSD or a power bank. We are offering the ModCase in two variants:

  • The Basic Set ($29.99) includes:
  1. A robust protective case that keeps your ROG Ally from any potential harm..
  2. A versatile cover to keep your device safe and scratch-free that also has four built-in microSD card slots.
  3. Two detachable modules that are fastened with the magic tape straps, offering versatility when setting up your gaming device.
  4. Two magic tape straps:
    • A 22.5cm magic tape strap provides a secure connection, ideal for attaching your power bank, docking station, or other external gaming peripherals.
    • A 34cm magic tape strap adds a touch of style and practicality to your setup, accommodating multiple devices simultaneously.
  • The Power Bank Kit ($79.99 with a $10 launch discount) includes:
  1. Everything included in the Basic Set.
  2. An additional 65W black power bank, the same one found in our PC0104 Ultimate Kit for the Steam Deck.

PC0110 ROG Ally Transparent RGB backplate: a unique way to show your console

The transparent RGB backplate, which will be sold for $39.99, not only lets you see the inner working of your ROG Ally, it also adds five lighting patterns (asynchronous mixed-color breathing, rainbow, single-side mixed-color breathing, synchronous mixed-color breathing, and spectrum cycling) that will help you color your device. For those that want an extra layer of customization, you can also add 9 lighting slides (5 preset + 4 customizable) to ensure your ROG Ally looks like no other console. This transparent RGB backplate also features an XGM port and can be charged via USB-C.

That’s all for today. We are excited to share these new products with you. As always, let us know your thoughts about them. We are always looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Have a great day!

The JSAUX team


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