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HB0604: New Opening Sale on September 27th

HB0604: New Opening Sale on September 27th

Last week, we witnessed one of the most exciting moments in the history of JSAUX. Our new docking station with an M.2 SSD slot ran out of stock in our website just 2 minutes after the pre-order campaign started. After such impressive success, we announced a new sale that would take place this Wednesday — and that’s what we wanted to discuss today.

The second batch of M.2 SSD docks will be finally available in two weeks. It means the new opening sale will start on September 27th at 10 am PST.

Why we opted for a 14-day delay?

HB0604 was conceived as a high-quality product designed for a more specialized customer, so it requires a more complex manufacturing process. In addition to its anodized surface, this docking station’s metal case is created through a new CNC process which gives it a refined look. But this takes a very long time compared to manufacturing our previous dock models, so it increased the production time of HB0604 exponentially.

Of course, we’ve been working on commercial agreements with several factories that can help us reduce the production times. Also, we decided to delay the start of the new pre-order campaign and sacrifice a part of our short-term benefits to reduce lead times between production and product delivery. In this way, we’ll be able to ship your M.2 SSD docking station within 3-5 days before you place your order.

Please note that, in order to protect the interests of our first customers, the early bird price we announced for the first batch was a time-limited offer. We’ll keep the same freebies for this new pre-order campaign, which consists of a set of our newly designed skins, button caps, and a portable stand. You can get the HB0604 in different sets for $109 / $179 / $249.

We can’t wait for the day to come! Thanks for helping us keep growing everyday.

The JSAUX team

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