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We're Upgrading Our Steam Decks's Docking Stations Firmware

We're Upgrading Our Steam Decks's Docking Stations Firmware

Hello, everybody!

If you have been closely following our latest releases, you should be aware that we recently launched a new Docking Station for Steam Deck (codename HB0604), that features an M.2 SSD storage slot. But today we’re not here to talk about this brand new piece of hardware but the ones that we released previously and that you can actually order through our store. Yes, we’re referring to the Docking Station and the Upgraded Docking Station.

We have recently worked on a firmware upgrade for both Docking Stations to increase its compatibility with LG televisions and monitors. You can download this new firmware HERE. With this new firmware we want to show our customers that we are focused and committed to improving our lineup of Docking Stations. To us, every client matters and that’s why we thrive to give you the best possible experience.


Updated at Nov 2th:

In recent feedback, we have found that some issues with the 0604 can also be resolved with a firmware update, 

Updated at Oct 14th:

In some recent feedbacks, we found that some customers have encountered the following problems, and we have provided corresponding solutions, hoping this can help you guys.

A). Connecting a dock station with an updated firmware to the display still doesn't work.
  • Maybe your display model or tv model has not been updated to the current firmware package, please send display model or tv model to our email at
    And we will update your model to the firmware program again as soon as possible.
B). Firmware upgrade error message: Read IMG file C:\Download\ failed, please check IMG file name;
  • Find the corresponding upgrade file "CH7217A-IMG.C002" in the firmware tool and open it to complete the upgrade.
  • It is best to put the folder on the desktop of the computer, do not let the folder save the path too deep.
C). Firmware upgrade error message: None device found;
  • The HB0602 dock station is connected to the computer through the USB-C -USB-A adapter;

The HB0603 dock station establishes a connection with the computer by inserting the USB-C cable into the USB-C PD interface.

  • The system below windows 7 may also have problems, please try to use others Windows PC to upgrade again.

As always, your feedback is very valuable to us, so let us know if you encounter any issues with this new firmware.


The JSAUX team

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Managed to update successfully, but still get static hdmi out since the last Steam Deck update.
I am using it connect to my BenQ TK700Sti projector.

Pretty Steam Deck Update broke something. Because it was working fine before.

Simon Briggs

Simon Briggs

Easily overlooked firmware installation difference
HB0602: connect through the USB-C male elbow
HB0603: connect through the USB-C socket at rear (additional cable required)



This looks like a tool that is used behind the scenes and is not friendly to the average user.
This was my experience:
The process needs about 10s,please wait;
Timer 0.196s;
USB Interface Selected;
Read img file: P:\Download\New;
Fail to open file P:\Download\New;
Read IMG file P:\Download\New failed,please check IMG file name;

Then I tried Get version:
USB Interface Selected;
Application Firmware Version is: 09.06.13;

Then tried VID update:
USB Interface Selected;
BootLoader Firmware Version is: 01.15.52;
Update VID PASS!

You know it would have only taken two programmers and one graphics artist about half a day to make a pretty interface that checks the current firmware on the dock and either verifies the integrity or downloads the latest version and installs it . Not only could you have reused the graphics and program for other model devices, but saved hours of Feilding questing by the help desk, moderator, and Publicis.

Showing you care about your products and reputation shouldn’t be done on the cheap cause it always ends up with the naysayers saying “see, it wasn’t a good idea in the first place.” They are 100% wrong cause they tired your hands in the first place and did everything in their power to set you up for failure.

Please tell them to go to Hell next time and if they can’t be a team player. Then they won’t be on the team then.

Brian Carter

Brian Carter

Thank you for the update. I have a Hisense TV and the dock does not work with it at 1080p (native tv resolution) There are red dots everywhere and the audio contains a lot of static. I also cannot get it to work consistently with my Samsung TV, sometimes it works sometimes it is just a blank screen. The Firmware has not changed this behavior at all.



it work on linux through windows vm (super annoying and useless time / disk space just for this…)
but I’m totally agreed with other people, it make no sense to need windows firmware for a device designed to be used on linux…

I’d highly recommend someone at JSAUX to upload the firmware to the Linux Vendor Firmware Service (, so we can all update our devices.

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