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Revamping Your Steam Deck OLED: Introducing New RGB and Cooling Backplates

Revamping Your Steam Deck OLED: Introducing New RGB and Cooling Backplates

Hello, everyone!

Innovation never stops here at JSAUX, that’s why today we are announcing two upgrades to existing products on our Steam Deck accessories line up: the transparent RGB backplate, codenamed PC0106C, and the transparent back plate vents (cooling edition), codenamed PC0106D.  The RGB Transparent Back Plate retails for $39.99 while the Transparent Back Plate Vents (Cooling Edition) is available for $26.99.Both products are now compatible with both the OLED and LCD Steam Deck models, meaning that with each of these products you will get a set of specific screws and a screwdriver compatible with the Steam Deck OLED model. 

The transparent backplate vents (cooling edition) also lets you see your Steam Deck’s inner workings while sporting a design that allows a better cooling of your device. Thanks to thermal grease as well as a heat-dissipation aluminum sheet that enhances heat-dissipation performance, your Deck should perform better than ever. It is available both in crystal and in purple. 

If you are not familiar with the product, let us remind you that the transparent RGB backplate features its own battery and light switch and includes a USB-C port to keep it charged. You can choose from a range of 6 lighting modes: Color Shift, Color Marquee, Red Breathing, Blue Breathing, Green Breathing, and Purple Breathing and it is available in crystal.

If you have recently purchased an OLED Steam Deck, now you don’t have any excuses to start customising your handheld device. As always, we recommend you to follow the instructions and to seek advice if you don’t have experience modifying hardware, as the process might end up damaging your Steam Deck.

Let us know your thoughts about our two new accessories for both models of the Steam Deck. And, once again, thanks for your support.

Have a great day!

The JSAUX team


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