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Statement on Product Leaks And The New RGB Dock

Statement on Product Leaks And The New RGB Dock

Today we are here to announce some irritating and disappointing news. In the past few months, we were dedicated to develop and test a new RGB Steam Deck Dock long awaited by our fans, and we are almost to release it. Unfortunately, someone leaked and copied our development scheme.

This is the RGB Dock we designed.

Recently, we were informed by a Steam Deck media editor that another brand had released the RGB product completely the same as ours.

The brand posted on twitter on October 9th saying "Newest Steam deck with flash lights coming soon!"

After we were informed, we began to investigate immediately. ( Apparently, our competitor was too guilty to delete the tweet.)

Of course, we’ve recently gotten a lot of attention from many people, including some with evil intentions. (Because our latest products are favored by many friends). But we didn't expect them to steal our plan from the factory.

This product was completely developed by our team JSAUX, and we put a lot of work into it. It is difficult for us to accept that the factory leaked our development program to another company. The rival company managed to sell this product in their logo but using our product solution. It is an outrage given how many efforts our R&D personnel cost and how long our fans are waiting.

Here are some milestones, screenshots of evidence and patent applications in our development process.

On July 19th, our product designers started the project to design the RGB Dock (HB0605). Here are the design drawings and file property information. You can see that the file was created on July 19th, 2022.
On July 27th, our product designers began to work on the 3D structural design of the RGB Dock. Here are the structural design drawings and the file properties. You can see that the file was created on July 27th, 2022.
On August 9th, our patent engineers applied to the State Intellectual Property Office of China for a design patent of the RGB Dock (HB0605). We received the acknowledgement (notice of acceptance) from the State Intellectual Property Office on August 9th.
From September 30th to October 8th, our marketing team sent some RGB Dock to some Steam Deck media and influencers for testing. We were hoping to get some suggestions on our product from professional gamers.We did get a lot of good ideas.

About this leaking matter, we really feel disappointed and regretful. Now we've terminated the cooperation with that factory on this project and abandoned the mold. But we won’t give up designing a new RGB Dock. We will start with a completely new look with different lighting effects. As a result, there will be a few months delayed before we release the new one.

So friends, if you encounter a product that looks exactly like our RGB Dock in the future, I hope you could know that it's our design but someone stole it. In addition, there are many Amazon vendors that sell inferior replicas of our Carrying Case for Steam Deck BG0102, so we hope you all to be cautious before placing an order.

And we promise we will take stricter confidentiality and punishment measures for our factory and supply chain in the future, and won’t let this happen again. Finally, we have a word for our rival companies that sincerity is always the best way to build your brand, gain users and reputation.

Again, we sincerely apologize to those who have been long waiting for our RGB Dock.


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Brick Rockwell

Brick Rockwell

I think it’s awful that you feel the need to produce a new design. I understand the reasons, but it’s still awful. If I were looking for a dock, & saw any brand w/a similar design to JSAUX, I’d always pick JSAUX, even if there were significant savings.

I don’t trust many Chinese companies. JSAUX has proven to be a fantastic cable & accessories creator. Now that I know you make a Steam Deck case, I might give it a try. I’ll certainly buy more of your audio products!



Didn’t U Copyright N Patent The Product? Can’t U Sue Them To The ATMs?

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