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The 5 Best Steam Deck Accessories

The 5 Best Steam Deck Accessories


Let’s be honest: Steam deck is one of the most inventive PC gaming launches in recent times.

If you're an avid gamer, you're probably eager to see if there's anything else you need to get the most out of your new handheld device or, to be more precise, your mini handheld computer.

Yes, that’s right. Despite its diminutive size, the Steam Deck is a fully functioning gaming computer.

This means you can buy a variety of Steam Deck accessories, ranging from headphones and battery packs to gaming mice and keyboards, to enhance your gaming experience massively.

Anyway, don't listen to us blather on any longer; let's get started with the first item on our list!

1. Steam Deck Docking Station

While Steam Deck is all about a streamlined handheld experience, you'll probably want to connect it to an external display or TV at some point.

If you're going down this path, you will need to buy a compatible Steam Deck Hub. Fortunately, a variety of suitable hub choices are currently available in the market.

The best Steam Deck hub can transform your handheld's capabilities, especially by allowing you to pair it with a gaming keyboard and mouse, thereby bringing it on par with an entry-level gaming PC!

So, to help sort your docking dilemmas, let us list down some features you might want to look for in an ideal Steam Deck Hub.

Go for options that feature mirror to monitor and TV capabilities, through an HDMI port. Additionally, make sure you choose one that has USB ports to allow you to easily connect your mouse, keyboard, and gamepad if need be.

If you really want to make the most out of your Steam Deck, pick a hub that has a docking station exclusively designed for your device, preferably one with a stand to make it more convenient.

Lastly, don't forget to ensure that it has fast charging abilities, ranging from 45W to 100W.

2.Steam Deck Protective Standing Case

If you own a Steam Deck, you might’ve already noticed that it lacks a built-in standing case.

So, whenever you put it down because your hands are not free to hold the Steam Deck, it's resting flat on its back with the screen staring up at the ceiling. That's inconvenient and also puts the screen at risk.

If this is one of your concerns, you could look into a protective standing case that fits comfortably against the Steam Deck skin and does not interfere with your control.

To ensure the protection of your steam deck in every way, search for a standing case made of PU and PC material.

Also, see if the stand has a cooling vent so that the Steam Deck's heat dissipation isn't hampered in any way by the standing case.

Steam Deck Protective Standing Case

3. Carrying Case

If you already own a Steam Deck, the standard carrying case may disappoint you a tiny bit.

There's nothing majorly wrong with it, so don't be concerned. However, it isn't particularly long-lasting or durable, and there isn't any extra storage or functionality.

So, you might want to look for an upgrade and get something with extra features that will give you a bang for your buck.

Not sure what to look out for? Well, let us help you.

The essential features to look for in a carrying case are durability and sturdiness.

Look for a carry case with a reinforced EVA cover to prevent exterior extrusion and thus collisions and falls.

Bonus points for a carry case with a built-in fleece section that protects your Steam Deck screen from scratches.

Secondly, your carry case should ideally also provide enough storage space to store your device easily.

You can also find one with an integrated mesh strap that should be able to hold your SD cards, charging cords, headphones, and other small accessories.

Additionally, ensure that the zipper closure is of excellent quality, with large, thick teeth that will not readily break. A secure closing ensures that none of your other smaller accessories (that you so dearly invested in) is lost.

Finally, choose a travel case that is easy to grip and allows you to take your Steam Deck from one location to another easily.

Invest in a Steam Deck Carrying Case with a sturdy handle that won't slide off.

Steam Deck Carrying Case

4. Protective Case

You’ve put so much money into your new Steam Deck, so you would like to keep it safe, right?

You want extra protection, especially if you're one of those gamers who get engrossed in an intense game.

If that’s the case, you may want to go beyond a simple carrying case and get a Steam Deck Protective Case.

A protective case is more like a sleeve or skin that hugs your Steam Deck tightly. The material is usually silicone, which is stretchy and flexible, allowing you to put it over your Steam Deck easily.

One of the pros of a protective cover is that it’s barely larger than your Steam Deck. It's actually small enough to fit inside the Steam Deck's standard carrying case. Essentially, you will gain a little more protection as well as a better grip.

Also, once you have secured your Steam Deck in its protective case, you'll see that the front surfaces of the grips have a dense, checkered texture—making your Steam Deck much easier to hold.

All in all, a protective case is very well designed, and it’s only going to enhance your gaming experience.

If anything, it adds a bit of extra shock resistance and drop-proofing to your handheld gaming device.

5. Steam Deck Headset

Talking about a gaming accessory that will help you enjoy your games, even more, you should absolutely consider investing in some high-quality gaming headsets to pair with your Steam Deck.

Look for Bluetooth-enabled models, so you don't have to acquire any extra accessories to make it work with the Steam Deck.

Another feature you should look for is that the headset should be lightweight and features a powerful battery that will keep you gaming for hours without hindering your gameplay.

Additionally, you might want to explore headsets that can connect to two different devices at once via both USB and Bluetooth.

You will find this helpful if you prefer to converse on the phone while using the Steam Deck.

Parting Thoughts

While it appears to be a handheld, it's really just a PC with a lot of options to play around with by pairing it with different accessories.

Of course, with that flexibility comes the opportunity to add storage, headsets, and other useful add-ons.

So, if you want to take your gaming experience to a whole another level, check out the quality Steam Deck accessories at JSAUX today!

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