Join Our Creator Program Today!

Join Our Creator Program Today!

Hi everyone, and thanks for visiting us one more day:

In the past few months, JSAUX has cooperated with many influencers from all around the world, including several names with a large fanbase and some little ones with very good content. We’re here to thank you everyone and recognize your professionalism and incredible creativity, because your amazing content on YouTube and Twitch helped us become popular among Steam Deck game lovers.

Media and influencers have always played an important role in our development. In turn, upholding a sincere attitude we also value our friendship. 

About the passionate creators we’ve met, we found that a large number of them grow very slowly despite their efforts to produce high-quality meaningful content. However they face many difficulties to become relevant among the tech community, this situation hasn’t stopped them from running their channels to inspire more people.

Still, big companies usually refuse to cooperate with them due to their limited reach. Without paid collaborations there are no additional revenues nor money to buy new products to review. As a result, these talented creators end up giving up recording videos for their channels.

JSAUX wants to do their bit to create a more fair environment, so today we’re here to introduce our new Creator Supportive Program. It aims to help those Youtubers and Twitch streamers who’d like to produce interesting and useful tech content, but are usually invisible for bigger companies due to their little popularity. We strongly believe that passionate hard-working people deserve the success they look for.

We provide products, commissions, exclusive information of new products, free trial in advance and so on, in order to support you run your channel at a steady and long-term pace.

Who are we looking for?

① Big fans of technology, digital products, hardware and games who own their own YouTube/Twitch channels, or news websites…

② with less than 1000 subscribers, or a monthly reach under a monthly reach of 1,000 visitors. Not exactly required.

③ You must be active on social media too. Twitter, Instagram, TikTok… show us what you do!

④ We’ll make sure you posted videos or run streams regularly for more than 3 months. In addition, your most recent content must have been posted no more than 7 days prior to the application.

⑤ If you join the program and request an accessory, we’ll require you to offer your community an honest review on it. You choose the format!

What can we offer?

① Any JSAUX product available in our shop, including new releases;

② 7% commission with our affiliate program

③ Free trials or exclusive information on our new products, all in advance!

④ 80% exclusive discount on;

⑤ We will support your giveaway activities;

⑥ And feature your website or videos on our website.

We believe that if you have passion for something, you deserve success. If you are an anonymous creator, and there’s no brand having intention to cooperate with you, or you just want to offer interesting content in your channel or website, please don't hesitate to contact us. Now it’s time to join in our Influencer Program, JSAUX feels honored to grow with you!

Enter the following link to land the Creator Supportive Program page:

Or send an email to us:

 As we mentioned, we do feel grateful to those media and influencers who helped us to gain popularity among Steam Deck game lovers. Please allow us to express our deep gratitude once again. Sincerity wins, reputation first. We solemnly promise that the Creator Supportive Program will never affect our collaboration nor weaken our friendship. For JSAUX, media and influencers were, are and will continue to be good friends and good partners with whom our friendship is the most sincere and trustworthy.    

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