JSAUX’s black transparent RGB docking station is now available!

JSAUX’s black transparent RGB docking station is now available!

Hello, everyone!

We hope you had a happy holiday this past weekend! At JSAUX, we are striving for greatness, so we’re always thinking of ways to improve your gaming experience, especially when it comes to handheld devices. That’s why we are happy to announce that our latest innovation in the RGB docking station is now available for all Steam Deck, ROG Ally, and Legion GO users: meet the transparent RGB docking station.

Codenamed HB0801S and HB1201S, this black transparent dock features all the same ports as the RGB docking station we released a few months back. Here’s what you will find:




 But we have made some tweaks to the formula to bring you a more pleasant experience when pairing your handheld device (bonus points if it also has a transparent back or front plate!) with this dock. We have revamped the appearance of the transparent RGB docking stations to better showcase its inner workings as well as its vibrant RGB effects. That’s not all! We've also implemented a chip upgrade to support Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) functionalities, with the goal of improving the user experience. You can get the HB0801S transparent RGB docking station for $69.99 (discounted to $49 during its release) and the HB1201S model for $99.99 (discounted to $70 during its release).

Get more money for your gift cards

Wait, there’s more! We are also implementing a 10% discount on our gift cards, so you can get a $100 gift card for only $90 and a $50 gift card for $45. If you weren’t able to treat yourself this holidays, this may be the time to do it!

Have a fantastic day!

The JSAUX Team


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