Take your Legion Go everywhere with JSAUX’s new storage bag

Take your Legion Go everywhere with JSAUX’s new storage bag

Hello, everyone!

Today, we have a special announcement for our beloved Legion Go players as we reveal our storage bag for the Legion Go.

This robust and complete bag will let you bring your handheld device and a wide array of accessories: one controller, cables and a charger, a docking station, a mouse, and a foldable keyboard. It is now available on our website for $45.99.

The storage bag joins other accessories we have already released for the Legion Go, such as the anti-glare screen protector or the HD tempered glass screen protector.

With those, we aimed to give you the best possible experience when playing with your Legion Go, reducing glare and reflections on its screen or ensuring you don’t scratch it accidentally. 

The Legion Go storage bag won’t be our latest accessory for this handheld device. We are planning to release new products shortly. Stay tuned! 

And do not forget to share your Legion Go and your JSAUX’s storage bag on social media with us!

Have a fantastic day!

The JSAUX Team


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