JSAUX Turns Seven: Celebrating Innovation, Enhancements,and Community Engagement

JSAUX Turns Seven: Celebrating Innovation, Enhancements,and Community Engagement

Hello, everyone!

Did you know? JSAUX is turning seven this month.

Seven years ago in July, a group of young individuals passionate about electronic accessories and the internet registered their very first Amazon store. By August, JSAUX's inaugural product was listed on Amazon, rapidly making its mark on the market. As a result, JSAUX has found its way into millions of homes over the past seven years, silently serving the digital lives of many.

A year ago, JSAUX took a different path, unveiling our first gaming accessory in the community: The Docking Station for Steam Deck. It filled a market gap and quickly garnered significant attention within the community.

A year has passed since then. How have you been? Has your Steam Deck become an integral part of your life? We believe it's time for JSAUX to inject some fresh ideas into the community again, so let's get started.

Transparent RGB Backplate

Our new transparent RGB backplate will give you an inside view of your Steam Deck while letting you display your favorite colors. The backplate will have its own battery and light switch, giving you control over when to turn it into a visual delight. It will also feature a USB-C charging port. To avoid excessive light dispersion, we've included two silicone grip covers. These allow for a distinct lighting effect when you turn on the RGB backplate's lights, creating a linear light display that is more focused.

RGB Dock

Our RGB extension dock has been in the works for a while, and it's finally here! We've redesigned our previous model, resulting in a more efficient design with increased accessibility for connecting various accessories. Given the importance of customization, we've partnered with OpenRGB to allow everyone control over the RGB dock light's appearance in their gaming setup. This could potentially be the coolest docking station on the market, featuring customizable dazzling lights, multiple ports, and compatibility not only with Steam Deck but also with other handheld devices like the ROG Ally and even your computer (we're still testing specific models, so stay tuned for updates).

Transparent Front & Back Cover

We've recently launched the transparent front cover and the new transparent back cover, and we're delighted you love them. We value our loyal customers and are happy to offer them a discount. We've sent an email to all our customers who purchased the transparent back cover, offering them a discount code for a 10% discount on the new transparent front and back covers.

Kickstarter Event

We recently launched our second Kickstarter campaign for JSAUX's OmniCase 2, a docking station designed to serve digital nomads, journalists, and anyone seeking a balance between everyday use and gaming. The campaign has now ended, and we're thrilled to have received support from 1,807 backers. We're currently in the production phase and preparing to collect user information, with deliveries set to begin in August. OmniCase will be available for purchase at jsaux.com  in September or October.

One more thing: JSAUX will be launching its third crowdfunding campaign later this year, and it's an exciting venture into new territory for us.

July is JSAUX's birthday month (our seventh-anniversary sale is now live on jsaux.com, have fun!), and we are immensely grateful to every customer who has supported us over the past seven years. We also thank the media, influencers, loyal fans, and users who have offered tremendous help along the way. Without your support, JSAUX's success today wouldn't have been possible.

Have a great day!

The JSAUX team.


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 Media Contact:charon@jsaux.com

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