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JSAUX Transparent Back Plate Series Temperature Explained

JSAUX Transparent Back Plate Series Temperature Explained

The transparent Steam Deck back plate has always been the most eye-catching product in JSAUX's lineup for the Steam Deck. In fact, the original PC0106 back plate already provided great cooling performance for the Steam Deck, but it also had some issues, including potential low-temperature burns from the exposed aluminum plate and higher shell temperatures compared to the stock Steam Deck backplate.

JSAUX Transparent Back Plate Series

Of course we didn't stop there. In order to improve the overall experience of our transparent back plate, we redesigned the new PC0106 Vents, as well as the PC0106 RGB (The PC0106 RGB shares the same cooling and airflow design as the PC0106 Vents, with same cooling performance in our tests).

Embedded Aluminum Fins

In comparisons, you can see that when we tested with the game《Russian Fishing 4》under the same environment, the GPU and CPU temperatures and fan speeds of the PC0106 Vents are almost identical to the original PC0106, with significantly reduced fan noise compared to the stock Steam Deck back plate. Some may be disappointed by the CPU/GPU temperature performance of the vented version, but I have to say this is the final decision after balancing various details, and it has achieved the optimal temperature performance in our internal assessments.

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Temperature Comparison

Yes, if we didn't install filter over the vents or used larger filter, it would bring better temperature performance, but it would inevitably collect more dust, which we don't think anyone wants to see.

Vents Desgin

What really makes the PC0106 Vents different from the original PC0106 is the completely redesigned airflow bringing better overall temperature performance. Perhaps everyone should realize that in addition to GPU and CPU temperatures, the temperatures of the SSD and other ICs on the motherboard are also very important for the long-term stability of the SteamDeck.  

Steam Deck motherboard & on-board ICs

After designing the new vents, a large amount of air enters through them, taking away the huge amount of heat generated by the APU. The original intake vents under the aluminum plate, together with the completely redesigned silicone design, take away the remaining heat generated by the SSD and other onboard ICs. This is why the PC0106 Vents has much lower shell temperatures compared to the PC0106.


Without a doubt, the PC0106 Vents and the PC0106 RGB, which shares the same cooling design, are worth upgrading to for all Steam Deck users.


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