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ModCase for ROG Ally

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The ROG Ally ModCase is a gadget that basically provides all of the protections you'd normally want from multiple different sources, but in one singular place
The ROG Ally with ModCase, designed for gamers who demand the best in convenience, protection, and style.
I love the ModCase on the Steam Deck, so seeing this for the Ally is fantastic.




Customer Reviews

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M P3
missed oportunity

I really wanted to love this product but this flimsy stand is ruining it for me.
It felt like afterthought with Nintendo switch and here it is even worse. The only redemption would be if you guys release stand that will clip to the accessories holes and resembled switch Oled stand. I will recommend this product only until Dbrand releases their version. Also fit is somehow not 100% perfect. Top edge is a little wave but you don't pay attention to it while playing games. You notice it while sitting on desk or not in use. I also got top cover but haven't used it yet so i wont review it here. Overall 3* out of 5.

George Murdock

Great product at a reasonable price. The Modcase fits really well and the front cover is easy enough to remove yet stays firmly in place. The vent cutouts are very precise and don't seem to restrict airflow.

mod case for rog ally

i have both the black and white version. white one look nicer and more premium. unfortunately the white colour faded and stains easily within first week of usage. thus i decided to buy black one. so far so good. recommended buy. good quality compared to all cases out there.

This case is very good.

I love this case for the Ally. It feels very good in the hands and tha black color version is a perfect march for the it. The only issue I see on this is that it is very tight to fit the top part on the Ally and I think that the protctive front cover of the case could use some bigger or enlarged front where the joysticks are. Some times it feels like the sticks are being pressed down by the front cover.


Nice fit, good protection.