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RGB Docking Station

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Size: HB1201
Color: White
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Comparison Of RGB Docking Station

rgb docking station#size_hb1201
rgb docking station#size_hb0801











Black transparent

Black transparent



First Difference-Game Features

ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), QFT (Quick Frame Transport), HDR (High Dynamic Range)

ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), QFT (Quick Frame Transport), HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Second Difference-HDMI Port

Supports 8K-30Hz/5K-60Hz/4K-120Hz/2K-240Hz

Supports 8K-30Hz/5K-60Hz/4K-144Hz/2K-240Hz

Supports 4K-120Hz/2K-144Hz

Supports 4K-60Hz/2K-144Hz

Third Difference-DisplayPort

Supports 8K-30Hz/5K-60Hz/4K-120Hz/2K-240Hz

Supports 4K-120Hz/2K-165Hz




Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
Rey Rey
ROG Ally + Work Laptop

Works great for the ROG Ally but I started using it more for work purposes on my laptop. I needed the extra ports to connect hard drives since I am a graphic designer. I ended up ordering a second one so I can use with my ROG Ally.

Xenos Tang

It's a good docking which I share amongst my Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, ROG Ally and Legion GO. The lighting is very pretty too....

HB1201S Audio Drops out over every 10s using HDMI and Display Port Audio on Windows AMD Systems

Unfortunately it seems the comparability of this device my need work. I picked this up primarily to work with a GPDWIN4 which runs on Windows and has a Ryzen 7 6800U APU. When connecting the device audio cuts out every 10s or so when using the HDMI audio sound device. The dock does also have a 3.5mm jack connection, which shows up as a USB sound device, which does not have the audio problem, but using this requires you to use a different audio setup and may cause interface issues with your setup and does not support advanced audio codecs and standards.

Trying the device out with my Steam Deck I don't have the problem, and I do not have the problem using other docks so I can only assume the issue is particular to this dock when working with windows devices. Unfortunately I don't have any intel systems available to connect this dock up to so I can determine if it's a issue with Windows systems in general or just AMD based ones.

It works perfect

Just got mine few days ago HB1201S, and i was worried it was not gonna get 30 watts turbo charge mode on my Ally , but it is getting 30+ , just need to make sure using 100watts charger and cord. The rog ally charger doesnt give you that turbo only between 23 average . Good product

Senor Perez
1201s is a bit of a disappointment

Used it with the ROG Ally. The Ally does not go up to 30W Mode. Furthermore, I am only able to get up to 100hz on my 165hz monitor. Works better with the Legion Go; however, it has difficulty staying in the docking area.