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RGB Docking Station

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Size: HB1201
Color: Black
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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Only good for one month.

So initially the dock worked great. I had the Ally, my ViewSonic monitor, mouse, keyboard and controller all hooked up. It all powered on and stayed charged with the included charger and the Ally charger.

Fast forward to a few days ago and that's all changed. Now the dock will blink when I plug it in and take a couple of minutes to power on. It will no longer charge the Ally while plugged in. The monitor will now lose power and go blank for a few moments. I initially thought it was the 65 watt chargers and so I purchased an Anker 100 watt charger and still the same situation.

As of right now I can not recommend this item if I'm only getting a month of use out of it.

Tommy Wooding
Lacking an essential feature

I own the HB0801, and despite me loving everything about it, it is missing an essential feature: the ability to support HDR. When it is enabled on the Steam Deck, all colors lose saturation.

Sir Lun
Recieved my second order

Just want to say thanks Jsaux. The docking station have been great for my Lenovo Legion Go as well. I hope see you make more products that are compatible with the handhelds. Keep up the good job! Packaging and delivery was good.

Sebastian Pluchator

First of all, I would like to mention that the shipping was super fast, great. The dock is also of great quality. But why I only give three stars is because I was not delivered the original cable. On all pictures and in numerous YouTube videos, a flat cable with angle is included. This is very annoying and causes additional costs

Philipp Duckwitz
Does not Charge ROG Ally on Turbo

I had high hopes for this Docking Station but sadly it does not charge the ROG Ally in Turbo Mode. Neither with the supplied cable nor with a 240w certified one. The power supply shouldn't be at fault either as I use a 100w charger with the docking station as it's only appliance.