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Color up your Steam Deck with our new backplates — available next week!

Color up your Steam Deck with our new backplates — available next week!

Dear customers,

February is said to be the month of love, so we thought it couldn't hurt to show you how much we care about you. In response to the overwhelming popularity of our new backplate for Steam Deck, we recently decided to offer more colors than just purple and green. There will be also a clear backplate, codenamed Crystal, and two more models in blue and red.

Today we’re glad to announce that the colored backplates will be on sale next week — the Crystal model is planned for release at a later date due to... secret reasons, just wait and see! The first batch of new backplates and replacement orders for new color backplates can be shipped before March 10th.

We know many of you were excited about the idea of having a colored backplate even before purchasing the brown model. So given the sudden announcement of these new models, we want to make it easier for you to get them. Depending on the status of your orders, this is what you can expect:

  • If your order is still pending to ship out, please contact us via to modify your order to get a colored backplate.
  • If your order was delivered in the past few weeks, you’ll enjoy a $10 discount with code ‘PC0106’ for your next purchase..

We hope this token of appreciation makes you feel happier. For any sales inquiries, reach out to our Support team via , they’ll be glad to help. 

Thanks for your continued support and patience, let’s keep in touch via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!


The JSAUX team

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