New Releases and a Kickstarter Campaign

New Releases and a Kickstarter Campaign

Welcome back, dear customer!

After a long wait, the ultimate kit for ModCase is finally available for purchase. This set features all the accessories ever released for ModCase, including a cooling fan, a 11-in1 hub, an enclosure for M.2 SSD cards (from 42 to 80mm) and a wonderful power bank that will help you extend your gaming sessions whenever you go. We activated a $10 discount that will allow you all to purchase it at $149.99 for a limited time, which is $66 cheaper than buying each piece separately, so hurry and tell your friends!

At the same time, we have brought back two other sets for ModCase that you were also waiting for. These are, the minor kits with the hub and the cooling fan — check them now on the JSAUX shop.

In addition to this, we’re happy to announce the upcoming crowdfunding campaign for OmniCase 2, our new hub series for digital nomads, remote workers and Steam Deck players. Concretely, this project will include a 12-in-1 Pro model, and a 10-in-1 home version aimed at domestic use. In this way, we aim to replicate the overwhelming success of the original OmniCase in 2021. This model was successfully crowdfunded at 3,000% in just 45 days, so we expect a similar reception for the new series!

This electronic organizer features the most common hardware ports in consumer electronics, and using it is as easy as connecting it to your favorite device via USB-C. Plus, it has a magnetic compartment on top with all the dongles you need, and even an ejector pin tool for smartphones. Its pocket size makes it ideal to carry anywhere on your backpack or a small handbag.

The OmniCase 2 is compatible with all kinds of smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers that include an USB-C port. Also, it works great as a docking station for handhled consoles such as your Steam Deck or a Nintendo Switch! 

Any journalist or content creator (video games, tech, business, journeys, lifestyle) interested in testing the product this month can now send us a request to receive a review unit at We’ll be replying to all messages as far as possible, but please bear in mind that the units available are pretty limited at this stage of the campaign.

We’ll provide you with further technical details at a later date, but we hope this first glimpse into the device has catched your interest. In the meantime, we invite you to share your thoughts on the comments section, or a social media post. We’re @JSAUXofficial on Twitter and Facebook, and @jsaux_official on Instagram — don’t forget to follow us!

See you very soon,

The JSAUX team.

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