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Free Printing Toolkit For Modcase Adapters

Free Printing Toolkit For Modcase Adapters

Free Printing Toolkit For 

Modcase Adapters

Welcome back, dear customer:

The modding scene is well-known for providing players with new exciting ideas to enjoy gaming. It's not just the external customization, but also about applying the latest technologies to the development of new features or utilities for these devices. This year, we wanted to bridge the gap between JSAUX and this wonderful community, so this announcement is intended to be the first step toward a long-term friendship relationship.

Today we’re happy to release a 3D model kit to design new adapters and accessories for ModCase, now available to download from the product sheet. You will be able to create them with the help of a 3D printer. This set includes all the .stp files you need to create the following pieces:

  • A Deckmate adapter.
  • A wall mount perfect to use when you want to enjoy your games on a TV.
  • A VESA-styled mount, like the one used on modern gaming monitors, to help you adapt the position of your Steam Deck.
  • An universal adapter.
  • A TF card slot for microSD cards.
  • A hard disk adapter to replace the ModCase kickstand.

We think it’s important to care about the players'needs beyond our own benefits, so that’s the reason why this kit will be available for FREE. Please help each other to make the most of your Steam Decks!

On a last note, we want to let you know that the power bank kit  for ModCase is expected to go on sale in early March, and the ultimate kit (including the basic set, a cooling fan, our 11-in-1 hub, an M.2 SSD enclosure & a power bank) will arrive in mid April. Soon, we’ll reveal the definitive date, so make sure to follow our latest updates on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Have a great week,

The JSAUX team

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