Elevate Your Workspace: Introducing the Versatile Stands for FlipGo

Elevate Your Workspace: Introducing the Versatile Stands for FlipGo

Hello JSAUX Community,

We're excited to share that following the successful conclusion of our Kickstarter campaign, we have begun shipments of the FlipGo Dual Stacked Portable Monitors. In this edition of our blog, we'll be introducing four fantastic stand options designed to enhance your FlipGo experience.

At JSAUX, we understand that flexibility and functionality are key to your workflow, which is why we've developed four distinct stands for the FlipGo, giving you a plethora of options to integrate this device into your daily routine.


1. Flex Folio

    Protect your FlipGo with the elegant Flex Folio leather case. Not only does it shield your device from scratches, but it also unfolds into a handy stand. This allows you to set up your FlipGo next to your laptop or monitor, expanding your workspace seamlessly. For adjusting the viewing angle to suit different setups, check out our video guide which details the simple steps for aligning the logos for optimal setup.

    2. Stand Holder

      Looking for a minimalist approach? The Stand Holder is your go-to. It provides a sleek way to keep your FlipGo upright near your other screens, doubling as a stylish resting place when not in use.

      3. Snap Stand

        Our Snap Stand utilizes magnets to make adjusting your FlipGo's height a breeze. Perfect for those who move between different workspaces, this stand’s plug-and-play design means you can start working with virtually no setup time. Simply adjust the metal stand to your desired height and angle, then snap your FlipGo in place with the magnetic alignment.

        4. VESA Stand

          If you need a more permanent fixture, the Snap VESA adapter is your solution. Easily attach it to your existing VESA mount with the included screws, adjust the setup to your liking, and snap your FlipGo onto the adapter for a sturdy and reliable workstation.

          Each of these stands has been designed with your needs in mind, from temporary setups in bustling cafes to permanent fixtures in a dedicated home office. Dive into the details on our website and discover which stand best suits your lifestyle.


          As you begin to explore the possibilities with your new FlipGo, remember that we have prepared a detailed user manual for your convenience, which you can refer to upon receiving your product. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at official@jsaux.com. Additionally, we eagerly await your feedback on the FlipGo, so please continue to share your thoughts and experiences with us on social media by tagging us.


          Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for being a part of our JSAUX family!



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