Get Your Free PC0105 Right Now

Get Your Free PC0105 Right Now

Good morning everyone:

Today, we are pleased to announce that the upgraded version of the JSAUX protective standing case will be launched on December 3rd, and all players who already have the original protective standing case can upgrade for free.

Since the release of the first-generation PC0102 protective standing case, the JSUAX R&D team has received user experience feedback and evaluation. To solve the problems of button pressing and stable support of the stand, we have developed an upgraded version of PC0105, aiming to further improve the player's gaming experience.

The PC0105 will introduce two significant improvements for button pushing and stand support over the PC0102, including fully protected buttons, four more abundant support angles, and a more reliable support technique.

  • [More detailed button protection] The buttons are 1:1 all-inclusive to reduce the daily wear and tear of the buttons;
  • [More Adjustable angles] Four adjustable angles to meet your different needs;
  • [More stable support method] The new support scheme creates a stable triangular support structure.

After December 7th, JSAUX will mail new protective standing cases to every PC0102 owner. If you need to modify the address, please send the new address and order number to our official mailbox(📨 📨)within two weeks.Since the launch of the Membership Program, this is also the first present for members.

For gamers who have not yet purchased the standing case, we have also prepared a surprise. On November 22 at 7:00 p.m. PST, the official website will launch the $5.99 time-limited flash sale of PC0105(Original Price:$21.99), which is only available in 50 units.First come first served!

To participate, click the link below.↓↓↓

Time-limited Flash Sale Link:



Remember to tag us on social media when you get yours:






Have a great day,

The JSAUX team

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