Our European fans enjoyed JSAUX’s products at BIG Conference

Our European fans enjoyed JSAUX’s products at BIG Conference

Hello, everybody!

This is one of the most exciting (and busy) weeks of the year! Black Friday is almost upon us. It is the busiest time of the week and the perfect moment to grab that Christmas present for your loved ones. We will have a special sale this Friday with discounts for everyone, but more about that later. Now, let us talk about how happy we are after meeting with our fans at the Bilbao International Games Conference.

The event, held at the north of Spain, was focused on professional attendees. More than 1.000 people from the games industry, from more than 483 studios, publishers and investors, flew to Bilbao to witness plenty of keynotes and round tables. More than 700 business meetings also took place and attendants could also take a look at more than 50 independent games at the indie area. Well, more than 50 games and a fine selection of JSAUX’s products.

First, we were quite happy to get to know, first hand, that JSAUX’s products are already popular in Spain, especially considering the Steam Deck is a new product that, due to shipping constraints, still isn’t a massive product. Our Steam Deck Docking Stations were on display,both our Upgraded Docking Station,our Docking Station with an additional Display Port, and the M.2 Docking Station, that allows users to upgrade their storage up to 2TB while playing on a TV. Below you can see a player enjoying The Witcher 3 on a TV while using a controller previously paired on a Steam Deck.

We also got other products on display, both for Steam Deck or other gadgets, such as the protective standing case for the Deck, that not only protects the console but also allows players to place them vertically on a table, allowing them to play with a controller or a mouse and a keyboard. The tablet pillow stand was also on display, an ideal product to watch your favorite TV shows on your iPad or tablet.

All these products, and much more, will be featured this week during our Black Friday sale. We will be holding a special event, though we still can’t reveal more. One thing is for sure, those who follow us, will have the opportunity to purchase some of your favorite items with a surprise discount. So, stay tuned until then!

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See you soon!

The JSAUX team

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