Introducing Our Exclusive Referral Member Reward Program

Introducing Our Exclusive Referral Member Reward Program

Hello there,

We are excited to introduce our brand new Referral Member Reward Program, designed to thank you, our loyal members, for being a part of the JSAUX community. Your support means the world to us, and we want to give back in a meaningful way.

How It Works:

It's simple! As a valued member, you now have the chance to share the JSAUX experience with your friends and be handsomely rewarded for it. Here's how it unfolds:

Spread the Word: Enter the referral program and share your unique referral link with your friends. This link is your key to unlocking a world of rewards.

Their First Step: When your friends click the link, they'll be greeted by a friendly pop-up in the corner of the website. They just need to enter their email address – no strings attached. This email address will also serve as the gateway to their exclusive rewards.

Unlocking Discounts: Your friends will get a 10% discount on their orders via the email address they provided.

Shop and Earn: Once your friends place an order, a notification will wing its way to you via email. Click "Redeem Now" in the email to find the discount code on your store's Rewards page.

Delving into the Discounts:

Here's where the magic happens – the rewards! We've made it rewarding for everyone involved:

Your Achievement: As the number of friends who make purchases grows (let's say X), you'll earn X reward discount codes. It's our way of showing appreciation for your dedication to sharing the JSAUX experience.

Your Exclusive Treats: These codes are just for you, the sender. Each code is a one-time treat that you can enjoy as you browse our collection.

Sharing the Joy: Your friends can share their codes too! The beauty is that anyone can use these codes once. 

For More Details:

New friends only: The magic works when your friends are new to our website -no previous orders or registrations.

Your referral dashboard: Curious to see the progress? Our dashboard lets you keep tabs on how many friends have joined the JSAUX community through your referral link.

Ready to Get Started? Both you and your referred new friends will enjoy a 10% discount on their orders, because sharing savings makes it even better! Visit the Referral Member Reward Program page to kick off your rewarding journey.

Still have questions? Dive into our FAQs or reach out to our support team ( We're here to make sure your experience is smooth sailing.

Let's share the JSAUX love and enjoy the rewards together!

Best regards,

The JSAUX Team


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