Say hello to JSAUX’s brand new website!

Say hello to JSAUX’s brand new website!

Hello, everyone!

Last week was a very important week for us at JSAUX. The iPhone 15 was finally here and it marked a significant point for our company. For the first time, we rolled out a line of accessories related to Apple’s new smartphone, and one of the most significant was the  RingLax Case, our first case exclusively designed for an iPhone. That's why we took that opportunity to revamp our website, starting last Friday!

As you can see, we have taken this chance to offer you a site where the information is easily accessible, with bigger pictures, and offering our products in a more streamlined manner. Our priority was to give our website a cleaner design where you can find things easily, either a Steam Deck docking station, an iPhone 15 USB-C cable, or a charger for your new device. We got everything you need in just a few clicks. For example, now you have all the Steam Deck ModCase options available in a more visual way, helping you make more informed decisions.

We are also aware that there’s no better QA test than the one done for you, our community. We are striving to improve our website, so let us know what are your thoughts about the page or if you find any issues while browsing through our catalogue. We are planning on making some adjustments to the site during this week, so any feedback is more than welcome!

As always, thanks for your support!

The JSAUX team


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