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Users' Guide:JSAUX RGB Docking Station with OpenRGB Support

Users' Guide:JSAUX RGB Docking Station with OpenRGB Support

Hello, everyone!

As you may already know, two of our JSAUX RGB Docking Stations for handheld devices have hit our website: HB1201 and HB0801.

Maybe you're a little confused about the differences between these two devices, so let me give you a quick and very simple introduction. The HB1201 has more and higher specification of ports, such as HDMI 2.1 and DP 1.4 with VRR support also 10Gbps USB-A and USB-C ports.But beyond that, the two most important features of both RGB Docking Stations are the same:  same lighting design + 6 lighting modes and the same software support: OpenRGB (Linux / macOS / Windows) support and a commitment to future firmware updates, which means we not only guarantee compatibility with all major handhelds currently on the market (Steam Deck, ROG Ally, etc.). These two docking stations will also perform well with the future Steam Deck 2 and ROG Ally 2. If you're a fan of handhelds, this is the perfect docking station for you and because of its future-proof ports, you won't have to replace it afterward.

Next we'll show you how to install and download OpenRGB for different platforms and devices.OpenRGB is an open source RGB lighting control software for Linux, macOS, and Windows. Here you can choose the right version for different systems: Windows (64-bit and 32-bit) and macOS (ARM64/Intel), as well as different Linux distributions.

OpenRGB Official release page

For Windows devices (Windows handheld included) and Mac users, it's really as simple as you'd think - choose the right version, download it, install it. Yes, since the RGB Dock Station is designed to use a separate cable, it can also be a great companion for your macBook and Windows laptop when paired with the right cable.

But for Steam Deck users, there's a much easier way to install it, and let me tell you about it:

1.Switch to desktop mode

2.Open the Discover app in desktop mode

3.Simply search for OpenRGB, where you can see the OpenRGB app distributed through Flathub.

Latest Version of OpenRGB shows on Steam Deck Discover App

4.Simply click Install, then Boom,  it appears in your library.

5.Add OpenRGB to your Steam library in desktop mode, so we can control the RGB Dock's lighting via Gaming Mode.

OpenRGB Steam Deck Version at Gaming Mode

As for the lighting control, We don't want to expand too much, because besides the built-in Direct / Breathing, Rainbow Wave, Spectrum Cycle, Race Cycle,Stacking modes, you can have a lot of room for customization, and We are sure you'll be able to find the mode that suits you best.

We can individually set the colors of the different zones as well as the switching speed and brightness of the lights,and using the OpenRGB software with the JSAUX RGB Docking Station was a lot of fun, which is something you should be able to understand when you receive this product.

Happy Gaming!

The JSAUX team


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