OmniCase 2 Kickstarter Campaign To Start Today

OmniCase 2 Kickstarter Campaign To Start Today

Good morning, dear community:

This is a very special day for our brand as we’re facing the second Kickstarter project in our history, this time focused on the OmniCase 2 pocket hub series. Taking the step makes us feel excited and dizzy in equal parts, so here we are — watching the clock with our forefinger just inches away from the big red button and thinking of all the things that might happen in the next 30 days.

Fears and hopes aside, one thing is certain: JSAUX needs your support to make this campaign succeed. Once again, we’re aiming at a small funding goal of $5,000. That money will serve for manufacturing the first batch of OmniCase 2 and OmniCase 2 Pro pocket hubs, that will be exclusive for Kickstarter backers at a reduced price.

In addition to this general discount, there will be special offers for the first people to back the project – these Early Bird sets will feature the OmniCase 2 or the OmniCase 2 Pro, plus two accessories announced for this new USB-C hub — a curve laptop mount, a stand for Steam Deck, and a USB-C to USB-A adapter that can be kept in the gadget’s cable management storage. Both the mount and the stand are compatible with the OmniCase 2’s magnetic function.

Oh, and there's one more thing... We've prepared a list of stretch goals to unlock after reaching the amount described above. We’ll be announcing them as you complete certain milestones on Kickstarter and our social media profiles. And judging by the result of our last campaign, the first ones could be revealed in just a few hours! For now, we’ll just keep the secret…

JSAUX will request everyone’s addresses to process their orders right after the end of the campaign. And so, the first rewards are expected to be delivered in July, this very Summer. More or less at the same time, both the OmniCase 2 and the OmniCase 2 Pro will be listed on our website and Amazon — this time at the product’s full price. Any changes on this calendar will be properly notified.

That said, we invite you to visit the Kickstarter page. There you will learn more about OmniCase 2 and how it can help you find new ways to enjoy your tech life. If you still have questions about its features and possibilities, don't hesitate to share them with us. Contact us at and we'll reply as soon as possible!

Thanks for your time and support,

The JSAUX team


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