FAQs: About our Flash Sales

FAQs: About our Flash Sales

FAQs: About our Flash Sales

How often will you host a new Flash Sale?

For the moment we will limit them to the days leading up to Black Friday and Christmas, as well as special days for those users who have signed up for our Membership Program — join now to enjoy many other benefits!

When does each Flash Sale begin?

There’s a countdown active for each product on the event landing page, so its Flash Sale will begin when it reaches zero. As you may see, there’s only one offer per day.

Why doesn’t the product sheet show the discounted price?

It’s usually related to one of the following causes:

  • The flash hasn’t yet started.
  • There’s a network delay.
  • All units included in this promotion have been sold.

Why does the price suddenly increase?

The stock we reserve for each promotion is always limited to 50 pcs, so when we run out of it the product page displays its original price again. Stay tuned for the next Flash Sale!

If the product is still on my cart after the Flash Sale is over, do I lose the discount?

Yes, that’s how it works – first come, first served. But don’t be sad if you’re left with your hands empty, there’s a new Flash sale every day until November 29.

Can I mix the Flash Sale discount with another promotion from your website?

Sure you can! Currently, we have three promotional codes active on

  • JS10 - You save $10 on orders over $60.
  • JS20 - You save $20 on orders over $100.
  • JS40 - NEW! You save $40 on orders over $200.

Of course, users registered in our Membership Program will get an extra reward when using any of these codes. It consists of a certain number of JSAUX coins and a $5 Gift Card for future purchases.

Is there any additional fee?

You have to pay the shipping costs if your order is under $25. Otherwise, it's completely free.

We'll be sharing more incredible discounts during the Black Friday sale. Also, our lucky members will enjoy a new exclusive offer for them every day. So one way or another, you won’t leave with your hands empty!

Happy shopping!

The JSAUX team

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