Black Friday Alert Up to 40% off

Black Friday Alert Up to 40% off

Black Friday Alert

Up to 40% off


Time flies! It's hard to believe that another year has passed and we are once again at the Thanksgiving day of the year. Thank you all my friends. Thanks for your love, strong supports, valuable comments and suggestion that made our business take a big step in the last year. We will continue to work hard to provide high quality products and satisfactory services for you.


This year, the Black Friday falls on the day after the Thanksgiving day. It's time for us to give a rock-bottom deal, just once for a year. Starting tomorrow, there will be a Dock Day & Black Friday sale on our website until 28th Noverbem. 


What kind of offers are included?

Special offer-up to 40% off
Cash rebate-save up to $40.
Gift card-$5 for Member.

Double points-only for Member


Our accessories are all with an incredible discount, up to 40% off. 


In addition to this special discount, we also offer customers a rebate on their order. Those customers whose carts are over $60 can make use of the code JS10 to save $10 on their current order. As for those customers who spend more than $100, JS20 will do the same with a save of $20. JS40 will help those who spend more than $200 save $40.


Also, remember that orders over $25 will be shipped free of charge anywhere in the world.


One more thing I'd like to stress is that don't forget to sign up to be Member. We offer members an exclusive $5 gift card which can be used simultaneously with the codes mentioned before. In other words, members save $5 more than a non-member. So again, don't forget to sign up to be Member.




Last but not least, during the Dock Day & Black Friday sale, Member can gain double points which can be used to redeem coupons later. For Lv1, $1 equals 10 points and 500 points can be used to redeem a $5 coupon.


We hope you can find the item you are looking for. 




Docking Station 

Protective Case & Skin

Portable Stand

Chargers and Adapters

Accessories Compatible for Apple

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