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Introducing JSAUX’s modular case for your Steam Deck

Introducing JSAUX’s modular case for your Steam Deck

Hello, everybody! Holiday season is almost upon us and we know some of you will be getting their hands on a Steam Deck for the very first time. This is an exciting time, and at JSAUX we have been working tirelessly to give you the best line up of Steam Deck accessories, so you can fully enjoy your new handheld device. This week we have unveiled a new case that is fit for a wide range of players. Let us introduce you to the Steam Deck Modular Case.

Codenamed PC0104, this new accessory features a front and a back hard case that covers the whole handheld except for its buttons, joysticks, triggers, its air vent, and the input/output ports.

But the interesting bit in this new product is placed at its back. There are two slots that allow players to assemble different accessories, as you may see here. All our bundles come with its own aluminum stand (modular slider).The second slot gives you freedom to customize your console as you wish.

The basic kit adds a flexible plastic band designed to fasten other useful accessories for Steam Deck and that will let you connect any third party accessories you already have (such as a power bank or a hub). The cooler kit includes a powerful air vent that will cool down your Steam Deck in a smarter, more effective way. By increasing the airflow from the air vents, we can reduce the temperature by up to 18°C. The hub kit is the ultimate tool for those that want connectivity. This brand-new docking station displays up to 4K graphics at 120Hz both via HDMI and DisplayPort. Plus, this hub adds up a SD/TF card reader and its own 3.5mm audio jack.

And that’s not all of it. We are also planning on releasing kits that let you expand the battery life of your Steam Deck using a power bank as well as another that will let you add an M.2 SSD memory card so you can have as much storage as possible.

The modular case has been built using eco-friendly PC & ABS & silicone material, which can prevent the Steam Deck from scratching the screen when you put it in your backpack. Besides, the TPU edge wrap can dampen the shock. We hope this will give your Steam Deck the ultimate protection while letting you enjoy it by adding new accessories to expand the storage, its battery life or reduce its temperature.

And, remember, we are now running our Christmas sale. While we’re taking pre-orders now, you can try to make sure to get yours at a discounted price as soon as possible. Basic kits will be shipped before January 6th, while cooler and hub kits should be on their way before January 20th.

That’s all for today! But stay tuned, as we have more news for you coming really soon!

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