5 Must-Have Accessories for Apple Users

5 Must-Have Accessories for Apple Users

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I guess you already heard the big news — Apple just announced the next generation of MacBook Pro and Mac Mini, with new M2 Pro and Max chips, that will turn them into the most powerful devices ever released by the hardware manufacturer. The M2 Pro is an upgrade from the M2 chip, released last summer with the new MacBook Air, that features 12-core CPUs and up to 19-core GPUs, bundled with 32GB of memory. The M2 Max takes those numbers further ahead, with a 38-core GPU.

Shifting to these new CPUs has allowed Apple to significantly improve the battery life on their laptops. Cupertino now claims that the new MacBook Pros can last up to 22 hours without a single charge. As for the Mac Mini, Apple is confident that its new desktop computer is 50% faster than its predecessor when running apps like Photoshop.

A few years ago we decided to join the Apple ecosystem with several accessories and gadgets created to help you make the most of your devices at a cheaper price. Despite how much we love this brand, it is true their most basic products for iPhone, iPad, and Mac are pretty expensive — so this was our best chance to do something great for all Apple enthusiasts around the world!

Today we present five essential accessories for any Apple fan. The best thing about some of them is that they’re also compatible with other brands’ devices, so you'll find a ton of new uses for them. Let’s check them together:

A proper set of adapters may save your day

It’s difficult to be an iPhone / iPad / AirPods user when the rest of the people work with different connection types. For you, Lightning is the only one. But here we are to save your day! JSAUX developed a set of adapters that covers the most common types. If you want our advice, pick one of each and carry them anywhere you go.

3-in-1 Charging Dock

This is not a common charger, but one that also allows you to display the screen of your iPad or iPhone on any TV up to 4K at 120Hz. After all, there’s nothing better than showing your family the photos of your last trip in good quality!

MagSafe Charger for iPhone

This kit features our magnetic wireless charger WP1501, plus a foldable aluminum stand that will allow you to keep using your iPhone as its battery gets refilled. The charger works for third-gen AirPods and AirPods Pro as well.

Charging Stand for Apple Watch

Similar to our MagSafe chargers for iPhone, this one was designed for all Apple Watch models. Its charging cable features a dual USB-A and USB-C connector. The charger plug is not included.

OmniCase Pro 7-in-1 hub

Connect it to your Mac or MacBook via USB-C to extend your max number of available ports, including from an extra HDMI port to an SD/TF card reader. All cables needed are included inside its upper magnetic case.

Tablet Pillow Stand SN0301

Everyone needs to have fun after a hard day! And since most of us enjoy lying on the couch with our electronic devices, this pillow stand is definitely something you should hand in a jiffy. It's a good choice for those who use their iPads for artistic purposes, or perhaps as ebooks.


That’s all for today! But stay tuned, as we have more news for you coming really soon!


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