Modular Case PC0104

Pre-Order Price: $29.99

M.2 Dock HB0604

$129.99 USD$99.99 USD

ModCase PC0104 Set

Pre-Order Price: $29.99

M.2 Dock HB0604

$129.99 USD$99.99 USD

Upgraded Docking Station for Steam Deck HB0603

$49.99 USD$42.99 USD

Docking Station for 

Steam Deck HB0602

$39.99 USD$29.99 USD

Carrying Case for 

Steam Deck BG0102

$29.99 USD$17.99 USD

45W Charger Dock For 

Steam DeckHC4503

$45.99 USD$39.99 USD

Protective Standing Case for Steam Deck PC0105

$21.99 USD$19.99 USD

USB-C 45W PD Charger For Steam Deck CH4502

$21.99 USD$19.99 USD

90 Degree Right Angle 

Charge CableCC0034

$14.99 USD$11.99 USD

Adjustable Long Arm

Universal Stand SP0116

$29.99 USD$27.99 USD

OmniCase Pro: 7-in-1 USB-C Hub MP02

$99.00 USD$54.99 USD

Protective Case for 

Steam Deck PC0103

$16.99 USD$13.99 USD

Christmas Sale FAQs

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When does the Christmas sale start?

The start time of the Christmas sale is December 19th at 0:00 am Pacific time and the end time is December 25th at 11:59 am Pacific time

What are the promotional products and what benefits can you offer?

Specific promotional products can view our page.
Enjoy up to 40% off selected products. New customers who register an account and become members of JSAUX can also get a $5 gift card with no threshold. (If you have already get it before, you cannot get it again)

Can gift cards be used to purchase promotional products?

Yes, of course. Gift cards are available for purchases on all promotional products! (but does not include shipping fee)

What is the Wishlist event? How should you participate?

It’s easy, just follow this:
1. On our official website, add the product you want to buy to your shopping cart.
2. And post a photo of your shopping cart under our Wishlist post(on Twitter).
3. On 12.26, we will select 5 lucky users to help make their wishes come true (all products in the Wishlist will be sent by free shipping).

How long does the Wishlist event last? Can everyone participate?

During the Christmas sale period (that is, Dec 19th-Dec 26th), all users can participate, just post your shopping cart, no matter whether you have purchased our products or not.

I participated in the Wishlist event and also posted a photo of my cart on social media, how do I know if I am the lucky guy?

Don't worry, we will announce the list of winning users on social media (Twitter) on 12/23, and then send a private message to the winning user to get the delivery address (if you receive a private message, please give us your address as soon as possible so that We ship the product to you).
I see you also have a Walmart Gift Card event, how should I participate?

It’s easy, during the Christmas promotion period (Dec 19th-Dec 26th), just place an order on, and we will select the three users with the highest spending, and give 3 Walmart gift cards which worth 200 US dollars. The winner list will be announced on social media (Twitter) on 12/28, and we will contact the winners by email. (If you participated in this activity, please pay attention to your mailbox on this day)
Can I participate in the Wishlist event and the $200 Walmart gift card event at the same time?

Of course, you can participate in these two activities at the same time. If you are lucky, you can win prizes at the same time.

I am the lucky guy, but I didn't see your private message/email and missed the prize claim, what should I do?

Don't worry, just contact our customer service >>>, we will help you


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