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JSAUX Docking Stations are now compatible with ROG Ally’s Turbo Mode

JSAUX Docking Stations are now compatible with ROG Ally’s Turbo Mode

Hello, everyone!

As you know, here at JSAUX we are striving to get you the best gaming experience with your handheld consoles. And we are super proud to be finally able to share with you that our Docking Stations (including the Omnicase) are now compatible with the ROG Ally’s Turbo Mode. 

1.When using the JSAUX 100W charger(or other brands), 30W Turbo Mode can be enabled.we can confirm that all current JSAUX Docking Stations have consistent compatibility with the ROG Ally (BIOS 323 needed).  

The following JSAUX Docking Stations are compatible with 30W Turbo Mode:






RGB Docking Station (HB0801 / HB1201)

OmniCase 2 / OmniCase 2 Pro (MP03 / MP04)

When you use a 100W charger, you don't need to upgrade the Docking Station's firmware, just make sure that ROG Ally is updated to BIOS 323.

2.When using JSAUX 65W chargers (or other brands), HB0602/HB0603/HB0604 products have been optimized and compatible with ROG Ally to turn on the 30W high-performance mode. Products on sale can be upgraded by updating firmware, and products returned to the warehouse later have been updated and optimized.(BIOS 323 needed).

Here’s all the information you need to unlock the Turbo Mode on our docking stations while using 65W chargers.

Before upgrading the firmware, make sure your product model is HB0602/HB0603/HB0604. The firmware upgrade tutorial for other models will be released in the future.

First, you will need to download the firmware via this link on a Windows PC or a Windows-based device, like a ROG Ally. 

If you have HB0602,you need to connect the Dock’s USB Type-C male end to your Windows PC or the Windows-based device, such as the ROG Ally gaming console.If your computer's USB C port has data transfer functionality, you can use the USB C female port of HB0602 to directly connect to the computer for firmware updates.

If you have HB0603 or HB0604, you need to connect the Dock's PD port to your Windows PC or the Windows-based device using either a USB C to C cable or a USB A to C cable (USB 2.0 or higher standard).

Next, you need to click on the “UpdateTool2.1.9” file to start the firmware update process.

Now you have to put 0B05 on the “New VID1: 0x” box and 0639 on the “New VID2: 0x” box. Now click VID UPDATE to start the update process. 

If the upgrade has been successful, you will see the Updated VID PASS message on the screen.

Now it’s time to verify if the firmware has been updated successfully. Click on the GET VID button. If the message displayed contains this sentence “The VID is: 0x0b05  0x0639” that means that your docking station is ready for the ROG Ally’s Turbo Mode.

3. Furthermore, we would like to inform you that we will be updating the firmware and providing tutorials for other products in the future. Currently, several HB0702/HB1101/HB0801/HB1201/MP03/MP04 products are still being optimized, as the original 65W or third-party 65W chargers do not support the 30W mode. However, after updating to Ally BIOS 323 and using a 100W charger, the 30W mode will be supported.

In theory this applies to other brand chargers(100W and 65W)with both tests, we would love to see some test results and feedback from our community.

If you run into any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact for assistance.Any feedback will be much appreciated and we will be more than happy to help you.

And now, time to enjoy your ROG Ally! 

The JSAUX team


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