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Transparent Shell Series for Steam Deck

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Style(not for OLED): Front Cover
Color: Crystal
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#style(not for oled)_front cover & back plate vents & anti-glare screen#style(not for oled)_front cover & back plate vents & anti-glare screen


PC0108 Installation Tutorial

Professional video & text versions of the installation tutorials are provided, please use them together.

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GP0300 Installation Tutorial

Professional video and text versions of the installation tutorials are provided, please use them together.

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High-Quality Guarantee

From the front cover to the accessories, we have chosen high-cost but better materials, which is the main reason why it is more expensive

Pre-Installed Convenience

We tried our best to complete the operations that can be pre-installed, so as to simplify the steps and provide convenience for you.

Rigorous Testing

Through strict installation testing and multiple people's complete installation testing to eliminate problems and ensure the feasibility of installation

Detailed Installation Tutorial

Safely install the Transparent Face Cover on your Steam Deck with our video & text instructions. Proceed carefully for success.

Vents Design

The upgraded back plate with vents design optimizes the heat dissipation airflow channels and effectively improves the heat dissipation efficiency.

Anti-Glare Screen

For Steam Deck, only Highest-end Model have Anti-Glare Coating. Upgrade your gaming experience with the Anti-Glare screen GP0300.

JSAUX embraces retro aesthetics with a fully transparent Steam Deck shell
It is time to see right through your Steam Decks!
From the small amounts of testing I have done, the JSAUX cover seems to keep the Deck slightly cooler than the factory version.

JSAUX Transparent Shell Series for Steam Deck


PC0108: Front Cover

PC0106A: RGB Back Plate(for LCD)

PC0106B: Vents Back Plate(for LCD)

PC0106C: RGB Back Plate(for OLED)

PC0106D: RGB Back Plate(for OLED)

PC0106: Back Plate








Back Plate

Front Cover

Vents of Back Plate

RGB Light


Crystal/ Purple/ Brown


Crystal/ Purple/ Brown


Crystal/ Purple

Crystal/ Purple/ Brown/ Red/ Blue/ Green

OLED Compatibility





Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Wo Szu
Wonderful quality - better than original case

Teardown was quite stressful, but updated instructions from jsuax youtube helped a lot!

Love the end result + fact that all required tools are included - maybe apart from hairdryer ;)
Gives me appreciated joy of nostalgia relating to GBA era.
It feels polished and brings much appreciation from other gamers.

Thomas Höding, Postnummer: 1060812053
Excellent Quality

The Shell is of excellent Quality and feels great in your hands and the tools that are shipped with it are good enough. The Guide online is very compact but clear enough to do this shell swab.
My only Point of criteria is that it doesn't come with replacement springs for the L2 and R2 buttons. Those springs are easily lost in both disassembly and reassembly and replacement springs on their own are almost impossible to find, or cost way to much because you can only find them in complete button replacement kits.
Overall this is a wonderful kit to do this modification, even for beginners in the modding world.

Fit perfectly for my Steam Deck. It looks incredible!

I went for the purple one, worth every dollar. The procedure is complex, but nothing too overbearing if you are careful. Do not hurry, and check the provided tutorial frequently. The tools this comes with have a high quality, better than some other brands, from what I've seen

Jeff Di Michele

Parfait en plus il y a un tuto vidéo si vous avez de l’expérience dans le démontage d’appareil ce n’est pas très compliqué juste un long par contre sans expérience ça risque d’être compliqué

A fun project.

The kit includes everything needed to make the transfer of the old case to the new one an easy transition.

1) Case.
2) Tool kit.
3) Part and Screw organizer.
4) Double sided tape with extra for mishaps.
1) 90% Isopropyl alcohol for softening the screen adhesive.
2) Sectioned coffee filters for applying the alcohol and removing the residual adhesive.

Transferring the original case to the clear one was an easy process with the organizers included in this kit.
There is an online video that provides detailed imagery of the disassembly/assembly process and what screws go where.
The most difficult part is removing the adhesive that holds screen in place.
Some 90% isopropyl alcohol and cut pieces of a coffee filter do work well and will not scuff the screen.
I highly recommend watching the video at least once to get an idea removing the screen without damaging it.
I would also suggest applying a little heat from a hair dryer to the headphone jack ribbon prior to removal to make the removal process easier.
It really is an easy project and the key is to take your time.
Once done you will have a unique Steam Deck and the knowledge on basic electronic disassembly/assembly.