GP0200 & GP0201
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Cooling Fans for Steam Deck/OLED

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Almost feels official

I'm one of those old fogeys who used to have attachments on their Game Boys to extend their battery life and make it possible to play in darkness (yep, that old LCD on the OG Game Boy did not have a backlight!). They always felt clunky and were prone to falling off if you looked at them funny, even if you used glue and double-sided tape. So I have always been wary of 3rd party addons to electronics, even if they were rigorously tested by the OEM and verified to work and fit perfectly (e.g. verified by Apple or whatever the iPhone accessory cert was). So imagine my surprise when I mounted this puppy, it did exactly what it said on the tin. This is perfect if you want your Deck to be cool to the touch even when the default fan settings leave it rather warm, and it could be the difference between a hardware freeze and a Deck that is juuuust barely able to run that taxing game. It's going to feel a little bit loose, but this is normal as Valve never designed the vents to have something sucking air out of them, and even though the fit isn't airtight, it's quite effective at pulling heat away from the Deck.

Kevin Syme
Excellent piece of kit

Does the job superbly well. I purchased both types, the one that stands alone and the one that attaches to the case, which I purchased after I'd got the stand alone one. Unfortunately the stand alone doesn't attach to the case as I'd hoped, but that's no biggie. It means I can use the stand alone with my other case whilst at home, and the attachable one whenever I'm away from home, so win win!
To sum up, it's quite easy. Just get it! No other fan out there comes near to what this achieves. An excellent wee piece of kit which is very well made. Superb.

Klemen Vrečko

Its work like in description
Whort to buy

Amazing Fan!!!

I didn't think the fan would make a huge difference, but it actually makes my steam deck 23° cooler and that's crazy!

steven munoz
Works great

It keeps my deck super cool, I had one burn out on me but they replaced it immediately and the new one has lasted, don't shy away from it cause it's great. Awesome customer service too!