FlipGo Care+ Protection Plan

FlipGo Care+ Protection Plan


Plan Overview: The FlipGo Care+ Protection Plan is designed to provide comprehensive protection for your FlipGo portable dual monitor. Whether it's screen damage, accidental drops, or liquid damage, our insurance plan ensures your device receives timely and effective repair or replacement.

Coverage Details:

      Screen Damage:

  • Covers screen fractures, scratches, or other display issues.
  • Offers free replacement or repair services.

      Accidental Damage:

  • Covers damage caused by falls, impacts, and other accidents.
  • Includes repair or replacement due to liquid damage.

      Priority Technical Support:

  • Priority access to technical support, including remote troubleshooting and some technical diagnostics.


Price and Duration:

How to Purchase:
  • Opt to add the insurance plan when purchasing the FlipGo screen.
  • Add the insurance plan within 7 days of purchase via the official website. (Subsequent purchases of insurance after 7 days are invalid.)

Claims Process:
  • Submit a Claim: Through the official website or customer service email.
  • Fault Diagnosis: Our technical team will remotely diagnose your device to determine the necessity of repair or replacement.
  • Device Repair/Replacement: Depending on the fault, we will provide repair services or a brand-new replacement.
  • Device Return: After repair or replacement, the device will be safely returned to you.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Q: How long do I have to purchase insurance after buying my device?
    A: You can purchase or add the insurance plan within 7 days after purchasing the device.

  • Q: How long does the claims process take?
    A: We promise to complete most repairs or replacements within 14 working days of confirm the device repair/replacement.

Contact Information:

By choosing the FlipGo Care+ Protection Plan, your portable dual-screen monitor will receive comprehensive protection, ensuring peace of mind whether you're working or enjoying leisure activities, and allowing you to fully embrace the convenience brought by technology.


Explanation: Clause on Specific Claim and Service Limits:

To ensure the quality and fairness of insurance services and prevent abuse of insurance resources, this insurance plan imposes specific claim and service limits on certain high-frequency claim types.

  • Screen Damage: The claim service for screen damage is limited to once during the insurance coverage period. Claims exceeding this limit will not be accepted.
  • Accidental Damage: The claim service for accidental damage is also limited to once during the insurance coverage period. Claims exceeding this limit will not be accepted.
  • Handling Exceeding Claim Limits: If users exceed the specified claim limits due to unforeseen circumstances, they can opt to purchase additional insurance extension services. These services will be billed separately and provide additional protection instances.


Exclusions from Coverage:

The insurance covers only failures or defects occurring under normal usage conditions during the warranty period, as well as any material or craftsmanship defects. The warranty does not cover:

  • Intentional damage: Damage caused by intentional user actions, such as deliberate dropping or immersion in water.
  • Normal wear and tear: Performance degradation over time due to natural aging or regular usage, such as gradual reduction in battery capacity.
  • Unauthorized repairs: Repairs or modifications conducted by unauthorized third-party service providers, which may invalidate the manufacturer's warranty. This is generally not covered by the insurance.
  • Cosmetic defects: External appearance issues that do not affect device functionality, such as scratches or color fading.
  • Improper use: Damage caused by not adhering to product usage instructions, such as using incorrect power voltages.
  • Illegal or fraudulent activities: Damage or loss resulting from illegal or fraudulent actions.
  • Natural disasters: Damage caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, etc., typically requiring specialized natural disaster insurance coverage.
  • Data loss: In most cases, insurance does not cover data loss resulting from device damage, unless explicitly stated to include data recovery services.
  • Improper Connections: Damage to external devices resulting from improper connections is generally excluded from coverage under our insurance policy. We cannot accept responsibility for such incidents as per our warranty terms.


  • In addition to the conditions specified above, we retain the discretion to assess individual cases.
  • Any replacement product provided to You as a result of a claim being made under the terms of this Agreement will require the purchase of a new Agreement to receive coverage for the replacement product.